Retail Point Solutions

Fast Framework

Business Challenge:

Any merger and acquisition poses unique set of challenges to organizations. These are:

  • Differences in individual organizations
    • Internal Controls
    • Management Styles
    • Processes
    • Reporting
  • Differences in approaches followed by individual organizations in
    • Vendor Management
    • Outsourcing
    • In-house Development
    • Technology Adaptation
  • Integrate different technologies and systems, while protecting investments
  • Control on organization spend and time of integration
    • CAPEX
    • OPEX
Mphasis Solution

FAST Framework is a scenario driven framework developed by Mphasis to ease IT consolidation / separation by following a systematic phased approach and reusable components.

It helps achieve IT integration / consolidation / separation objectives in a seamless, efficient and quick manner.

It utilizes a low risk approach, leveraging Mphasis tools and templates to maintain continuity for employees, customers, suppliers, and vendors

Business Benefits
  • Speed, quality and simplicity - Improved TCO
  • Streamline and standardize IT infrastructure, applications and system support
  • Increased newly acquired store sales by 15%
  • Maintained 99.5% availability throughout the transition process

Social Media Analytics - M Insights

Business Challenge:

The customer preferences are changing and their buying behavior is influenced by messages posted in social media. This impacts the Retailers/CPG companies brand image and sales, so it is important for Retailer /CPG to engage and listen to social media conversations.

Mphasis Solution

Mphasis has created a social media analytics platform - M Insights.

It helps retailers in automation of the following processes

  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis of huge volume of content posted in social media sites.
  • Integration of social media insights with enterprise applications - CRM, BI & other enterprise systems.
  • Reduction in calls to customer service department.
  • Expanding the reach of promotion and campaigns to customers in a cost effective way.
Business Benefits:
  • Improved brand awareness and reputation
  • Customer satisfaction and advocacy
  • Competitive intelligence and strategy
  • Product innovation
  • Increase in sales
  • Cost savings

Mphasis Test Automation Framework

Automation of Point-of-Sale (POS) Applications Testing
Business Challenges:
  • Integration of PoS systems involves numerous inter-connected systems and third-party elements
  • Rapid technological advancements that necessitate frequent hardware and software upgrades
  • Protect cardholder data and identity
Mphasis Solution
  • Mphasis Testing Services guide retailers to large repository of reusable test assets related to the implementation of in-store PoS and eCommerce applications
  • Mphasis solutions such as the Functional Test Case Generator build automated test cases from customized business process libraries
  • Specialized test automation experts.
  • In-house developed automation frameworks
  • Test automation lab to carry proof-of-concept and tools evaluation
  • Alliances with leading test tool vendors
Business Benefits:
  • Achieve faster validation cycles due to the expertise built over several years
  • High level of quality control
  • Adoption of PCI-compliant, tamper-proof infrastructure at all PoS terminals to protect cardholder data and identity

RFID Framework

Business Challenges:
  • No visibility of items across the entire inventory
  • Time consuming stock taking process
  • Not able to take cyclic stock during business hours
  • Multiple scans at PoS during billing
  • Time spent on customer interaction very less for sales persons
  • Existing bar code limitation.
Mphasis Solution
  • Smart Device and EPC/UPC framework and Mphasis smart devices lab was created
  • Installation and Commissioning of RFID hardware and application development for stock check, integrating RFID with legacy system for product registration and billing
Business Benefits

Mphasis solution allows Retailers to:

  • Reduce stock reconciliation effort considerably
  • Prevent loss/theft of products from stores
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Reduce out of stocks
  • Reduce warehouse and distribution labor costs
  • Reduce losses due to obsolete goods

Ecommerce 2.0

  • Retailers need for a platform for rapid development of eCommerce front end web application
  • Retailers need best in class Web 2.0 and social networking functionality
  • Need for robust solution in shortest timeframe
Mphasis Solution
  • Retail eCommerce 2.0 is a comprehensive eCommerce solution for e-tailing which provides an innovative platform to harness social media
  • Extensive merchandising portfolio, order management, user management, multiple language support
  • Open source solution, built on Apache Offbiz
  • Cutting edge innovation, My StyleScape, social shopping, theme based promotions, eBay integrated
Business Benefits
  • Rich Interface Application (RIA) enabled user interfaces with advanced content integration
  • Powerful branding and merchandizing capabilities, advanced social collaboration features realized with latest integration of Web 2.0 technologies
  • Flexible Architecture supporting Composite Application Portal Assembly: eCommerce portlets, E-Marketing portlets, 3rd party portlets, eBay/Amazon B2B Integration, Google Social Apps
  • Localization in the form of language, currency, promotion and personalization to reflect local regions or brand nuances
  • Content Syndication: Digital marketing, viral content, drive content to e-mail providers, social platforms, search marketing solutions, marketplaces, and microsites
  • Payment gateways: pre-integrated with PayPal and Google checkout. Integration apps for credit card payment gateways
  • Social Media Marketing: Drive sales through active marketing and personalized merchandizing quick and intuitive eShopping cart conversion strategies.