Technology innovations for retail banking challenges

The banking industry is facing constant challenges of keeping pace with technology innovations, the need to comply with new regulations, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing profits. The industry has to keep reinventing itself to maintain a steady growth graph. We at Mphasis with a strong footprint in the Banking Industry help meet these challenges and provide comprehensive services in this fast changing market. Our significant services include:

  • Custom development and implementation of banking applications
  • System integration
  • Maintenance, support and enhancements
  • Program management

Our Capabilities

We constantly address new market challenges and customer demands, develop wide-ranging industry standard retail banking platforms and integrate core banking systems with other banking applications using frameworks, industry leading integration tools and/or construction of customized interfaces.

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We also provide content services for multiple lines of business websites from offshore delivery locations and technology/product evaluation for replacement of the online banking platform.

The Mphasis Advantage

With our product and domain expertise, and global delivery capability, we help run businesses in a cost effective and profitable manner. We explore innovative models in our engagements.

Below are some of the additional benefits of our association.

  • A large pool of resources experienced in retail and commercial banking
  • FLEXCUBE® Center of Excellence
  • Services around industry leading core banking products and customized implementations
  • An HP SOA based banking integration framework
  • A portal framework with out-of-box web2.0 components
  • A client valuation framework

Representative Areas of Substantial Expertise

Our partnership with over 40 banking clients (25 of them in retail banking) across the US, EMEA and APAC gives an edge in this segment. With our synergy, we focus on areas in application development, BPO and over 200 plus projects/programs. We have a strong presence in the area of banking and capital market (BCM) and have carved a niche for ourselves particularly in the banking industry. Our main areas of focus are:

  • Online banking portals - technology and web strategy; and multi-year multi-lob online banking programs
  • Mobile financial services - cutting edge mobile implementations across platforms and mobile testing
  • Core banking - consultation, integration and support services for FLEXCUBE®, MISYS LOANIQ®, FIS ACBS®, FISERV ICBS® and bespoke core banking products
  • Web 2.0 features - web content management; analytics and charting; ad-serving; and tracking and personal financial management (PFM)
  • Business intelligence - operational analytics and reporting
  • Integration - ATM/POS application, bill presentment and payment and other point solutions
  • CRM - marketing, segmentation, lead management and sales in the banking context
  • Application portfolio management - management and support of large, diverse portfolios of banking and lending applications
  • Other services - technology/business strategy, product/build buy evaluations, data management and mergers and acquisitions support