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The retail brokerage industry has become highly competitive and complex as a result of increased volatility and stringent compliance regulations. Retail brokerage institutions have to optimize operations by implementing the latest back-office technologies and processes in order to achieve success across global operations.

Our Offerings

Our retail brokerage centre of excellence provides innovative services and solutions to the brokerage industry through an intelligent mix of business processes and technology. Our solutions are engineered to deliver business impact by increasing operational efficiency, enabling more effective customer management, improving quality standards and lowering operational risk. As a strategic partner of seven of the top ten largest financial institutions and three out of the top five retail banks, we have built world-class applications in front office, middle office and back office processes.

Our applications and solutions cover the whole retail brokerage spectrum includes:

  • Account opening and maintenance - Processing new account opening; performing account maintenance; updating preferences for client and institutional investors
  • Advisor conversion - Setting up investor accounts and converting data from unstructured sources to the client's systems
  • Transfer of assets - Handling the transfer of assets from other brokerage firms
  • Document control - Processing incoming scanned and faxed documents from institutions and customers into the workflow for handling, by other operations teams
  • Cashiering - Performing cashiering transactions such as check requests, inter-account transfers and wires
  • Cost basis operations - Updating wrong/missing cost basis information and reconciling data with the advisor's view about it

The Mphasis Advantage

Our expertise to address evolving industry needs, drive sustainable profit and deliver benefits for our clients help retail brokerage organizations reap the following benefits :

  • Higher Value Service
     - Focus on business results
     - Business goals for Managed Service
     - Transaction-based pricing possible

  • Efficiency and Agility
     - Shorter communication paths, less dependency on client
     - Increased service levels: issues are taken care of immediately

  • Cost Optimization
     - Resource cost
     - Leveraging business process knowledge
     - Continuous productivity improvements