Multichannel enablement program for a middle-eastern bank

The bank aspired to create a single backbone for access and services for its multiple channels from its core banking systems. Our team was involved from inception to analyse requirement, through architecture definition, design, development and implementation. The Service Oriented Architecture method was adopted.

About 100 services were designed and implemented.

Following business benefits were achieved

  • Enabled channels to go live faster and help the bank to be agile in meeting customers needs
  • Enabled re-use of services and sharing of information across multiple customer touch points, including Internet banking, mobile banking, interactive voice response, branch-based banking and ATM network.
  • Unified customer view, i.e. a unified information model across all back-office systems that is exposed in a consistent manner to all front-office systems
  • Resolved the decoupling of complex point-to-point architecture having distinct vendors in the channels, combined with distinct technologies in the back office.