Mphasis believes and affirms that organizations across all industries in all markets are embarking on a declared "omni-channel, digital led, mobile first but not digital only" customer experience transformation

Mphasis' comprehensive Digital CEM solutions benefit customers by providing:

  • 360 degree view of customer experience across channels: Enhanced, safe & secure
  • Uni-channel, multichannel and omni-channel customer experiences
  • Optimized channel mix leading to reduction in overall cost of operations: Improved revenue per customer through more effective mapping of products to customer needs
  • Faster reaction time to customer needs


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  • [+] Intelligent Digital Marketing

  • A Cloud based solution to enhance digital marketing completion rates, upsell and cross sell percentages, cost of outcome (2x-3x) using personalized digital experiences, seamless CRM & marketing platform integration and enabled by Intelligent Virtual Agents

    • Improved customer experience
    • Increased revenue
    • Reduced calls to call centers
    • Reduced headcount cost to manage remote chat conversations

  • [+] Simplified Payments using Mobile Technology

  • Assist customers in establishing planned payment models by analyzing current baking behaviors and recommending automated payment options

    • Reduced customer effort
    • Improved customer experience
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Reduced customer attrition

  • [+] Retirement Investment Customer Onboarding

  • Enable a customer to onboard for an investment account and plan investment allocations and choices using a high powered UX design, social sharing, and customer analytics

    • Improved customer experience
    • Lower customer attrition
    • Better returns for the investment company
    • Lower requirements for and cost of advisor interactions in contact centers and offices

  • [+] Client Onboarding through process automation, technology integration and digitization

  • Improve customer onboarding experience by reusing existing customer data, reducing or eliminating paper documents and improving enterprises cost of operation and manageability through CRM enabled processes and digital technology integration

    • Better client experience and lower attrition.
    • More time for advisors and clients to spend on thinking and planning than paperwork .
    • Lower cost of service.
    • Easier for advisors and clients to work virtually and interact more frequently by using digital enabled technology.

  • [+] Digital Marketing Campaign Effectiveness using predictive modeling

  • Enhance digital marketing campaign effectiveness through predictive analytics and dashboards.

    Develop campaign messages to catch and retain those customers through offers and awareness with seamless integration of marketing and CRM platforms

    • Lower attrition reduces impact of customer acquisition on financials
    • Targeted digital campaign with offers reduces cost of customer retention
    • Increased results data allows for continuous improvement of retention operations

  • [+] Enhance Customer Care through Digital Self Service

  • Digitally enabled customer self-service provides the customer with a power to control the service experience from report to resolution on his mobile device, using QR code scanning technology and integration with CRM & Customer Care platforms

    • Improved customer experience
    • Reduce time wastage by customer on talking with contact centers
    • Reduce cost of operation for company
    • Potential for direct digital troubleshooting for enabled devices to eliminate costly repair visit entirely

  • [+] Enhance Customer Care using Semantic Analytics

  • Gain insights from the increasing number of non voice interactions through chat, email and social media to improve marketing, sales and care operations, maximize customer experience & business results.

    Identify actual topics of conversation from “inside the envelope” rather than agent reported "outside the envelope"

    • Improved focus of management attention for coaching and performance management improving overall business results.
    • Improved visualization of compliance, risk mitigation
    • Improved 360 degree view of customer through multichannel analytics integration (with web, mobile)
      • Improving cost of operations and
      • Revenue success

Digital transformation encompasses all experiences

  • Rise of Social Networks
  • Collaboration networks and Mobile increasing connectivity across enterprises and consumer space
  • Devices connecting everything
  • Customer-centric Product Designs
  • Content, Commerce & Advertisement Converging
  • Personalize or Perish

Mphasis Digital Customer Experience delivers

  • 360° business view of the customer and 360◦ customer view of the business
  • Digital security which is paramount to customer experiences
  • Customer Data and Analytics underpin
  • Enhanced uni-channel, multi-channel and omni-channel customer experiences
  • Revenue Growth and Customer Loyalty
  • Enhanced productivity through new operating models
  • Improved competitive positioning

digital transformation

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Our Experience

  • Mphasis has executed 300+ Digital projects enabling over a billion users digitally, impacting trillions in revenue across industries
  • Digital Partner of Choice of 5 customers from the Fortune 500
  • First to introduce Semantic technology to one of largest banks in North America
  • One of the first applications on Apple Pay
  • Selected as one of the two partners for the next generation digital transformation program of a global investment bank

    • 150 member Digital COE for a Global Energy Management Company
    • 'Platforming' their current & new applications
    • Implementing DevOps - Agile on steroid

Customer Speak

    Global Investment Bank Customer:
  • CIO - "Best IT vendor we ever worked with"
  • CTO - "We are lucky to have Mphasis as an implementation partner"
  • Sr. VP Internet Banking - "Mphasis is a cost effective partner that consistently delivers expertise and value to technology efforts"

    Global Insurance Provider Customer:
  • Chief Operating Officer - "Mphasis is one of the few suppliers who really managed to become a true partner. A partner where mutual respect, understanding and successful service delivery to our customers has been key and is today the cornerstone of our relationship".

Mphasis comprehensive Digital Marketing services include:

digital marketing

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    Key Benefits
  • Enhance campaign effectiveness and efficiency
  • Provide deeper customer engagement thought innovative experience solutions
  • Drive intelligent insights into action
  • Improve revenues and higher ROI
  • Competitive cost advantage

Our Experience

  • Designed, developed and executed a next-gen comprehensive Digital Marketing Platform with advanced operations management features for a large global insurance provider. The platform enables multi-channel communications globally across LOBs for targeted and personalized B2C, B2B and B2B2C campaigns

Key Challenges in Care

  • Cost of care operations is increasing with diminishing operating margins
  • Lower customer loyalty due to lower satisfaction impacting revenue
  • Inefficiency and low agent productivity
  • Increased demand for Digital Self Service from customers
  • Reduced volumes but increased complexity of human service

Mphasis Care Transformation Vision 65/75

  • "Reduce cost of care by 65% and care headcount by 75%"

care transformation

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Mphasis Care Transformation delivers

  • Reduced Cost of Operations
  • Reduced Headcount
  • Reduced Customer Effort
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Revenue

Our Experience

  • Improved NPS by over 50 over 6 years for one of the leading global investment brokers
  • Reduced cost of care operations by 51% through right-shored process centres of excellence with agent tools optimization
  • 280m calls, chat, email and social interactions handled every year
  • 61% contact avoidance moving call types to self-service channels
  • 58.3% website and 42% IVR 3%-5% customer satisfaction improvement every year over 7 years while reducing operating costs by 40%+
  • Avoided over 1m calls per year by digital self-service applications in support of a leading mobile banking capability

Key Trends

  • The transformational integration of artificial intelligence and digital experiences
  • The 10th wave of customer experience automation following Contact Centre, CRM, Service Automation, Sales Automation, Internet, Big Customer Data, Marketing Automation, Mobile and Social
  • Digitize the human – Automate email, chat and social media interactions
  • Humanize the digital – Guided “concierge” digital experiences
  • Speech is coming – Small applications today but will grow
  • Avatars are evolving – Industry is 3 years away from real-time intelligent video avatars

Mphasis Offering

Enhance and facilitate existing customer facing processes with intelligent robotic agent assisted solutions, e.g. IVAs, that have access to all customer, product/service and process information to provide a consistent, accurate and audited single best answer, guidance and action at a lower price point.

intelligent experience

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    Key Benefits
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • 70% savings on 30% savings over voice calls
  • Improved transaction close rates through improved experience and cycle time

Our Experience

  • Implemented Virtual Advisor on a customer facing web-site and deployed a virtual Advisor Avatar to provide support and speedy but accurate information to service agents to better serve customers resulting in an average of 70% reduction in query resolution time.
  • Implemented Intelligent virtual assistant for customers of an Italian Online Bank, assisting with account questions and service requests, while proactively cross selling additional banking products.

omni channel experience

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Mphasis Omni-channel CX Maturity Offerings

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX Transformation Roadmap
  • Customer Personas / Segmentation
  • Experience Design/Blueprinting

Key Benefits

  • Differentiation in an increasingly commoditized world ensuring better competitive positioning
  • Ability to drive significantly increased value from each customer
  • Easier, faster, cheaper to run the business
  • Lower level of failures by acting the way the customers want with products they need
  • Resilience – the ability to make mistakes and not suffer from them, more forgiving customers

Mphasis Experience

omni channel experience

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Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience- New york, March 26, 2015
Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience - New York, March 26, 2015
Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Journey
Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Journey
Ganesh Ayyar at Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience Launch
Ganesh Ayyar at Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience Launch
Digital Transformation for enhanced Customer Experience
Digital Transformation for enhanced Customer Experience
Mphasis Care Transformation services
Mphasis Care Transformation services