Digital Customer Experience Management (CEM Solutions)

Mphasis believes and affirms that organizations across all industries in all markets are embarking on a declared "omni-channel, digital led, mobile first but not digital only" customer experience transformation

Mphasis' comprehensive benefit customers by providing:

  • 360 degree view of customer experience across channels: Enhanced, safe & secure
  • Uni-channel, multichannel and omni-channel customer experiences
  • Optimized channel mix leading to reduction in overall cost of operations: Improved revenue per customer through more effective mapping of products to customer needs
  • Faster reaction time to customer needs


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  • [+] Intelligent Digital Marketing

  • A Cloud based CEM solution to enhance digital marketing completion rates, upsell and cross sell percentages, cost of outcome (2x-3x) using personalized digital experiences, seamless CRM & marketing platform integration and enabled by

    • Improved customer experience
    • Increased revenue
    • Reduced calls to call centers
    • Reduced headcount cost to manage remote chat conversations

  • [+] Simplified Payments using Mobile Technology

  • Assist customers in establishing planned payment models by analyzing current baking behaviors and recommending automated payment options

    • Reduced customer effort
    • Improved customer experience
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Reduced customer attrition

  • [+] Retirement Investment Customer Onboarding

  • Enable a customer to onboard for an investment account and plan investment allocations and choices using a high powered UX design, social sharing, and customer analytics

    • Improved customer experience
    • Lower customer attrition
    • Better returns for the investment company
    • Lower requirements for and cost of advisor interactions in contact centers and offices

  • [+] Client Onboarding through process automation, technology integration and digitization

  • Improve customer onboarding experience by reusing existing customer data, reducing or eliminating paper documents and improving enterprises cost of operation and manageability through CRM enabled processes and digital technology integration

    • Better client experience and lower attrition.
    • More time for advisors and clients to spend on thinking and planning than paperwork .
    • Lower cost of service.
    • Easier for advisors and clients to work virtually and interact more frequently by using digital enabled technology.

  • [+] Digital Marketing Campaign Effectiveness using predictive modeling

  • Enhance digital marketing campaign effectiveness through predictive analytics and dashboards.

    Develop campaign messages to catch and retain those customers through offers and awareness with seamless integration of marketing and CRM platforms

    • Lower attrition reduces impact of customer acquisition on financials
    • Targeted digital campaign with offers reduces cost of customer retention
    • Increased results data allows for continuous improvement of retention operations

  • [+] Enhance Customer Care through Digital Self Service

  • Digitally enabled customer self-service provides the customer with a power to control the service experience from report to resolution on his mobile device, using QR code scanning technology and integration with CRM & Customer Care platforms

    • Improved customer experience
    • Reduce time wastage by customer on talking with contact centers
    • Reduce cost of operation for company
    • Potential for direct digital troubleshooting for enabled devices to eliminate costly repair visit entirely

  • [+] Enhance Customer Care using Semantic Analytics

  • Gain insights from the increasing number of non voice interactions through chat, email and social media to improve marketing, sales and care operations, maximize customer experience & business results.

    Identify actual topics of conversation from “inside the envelope” rather than agent reported "outside the envelope"

    • Improved focus of management attention for coaching and performance management improving overall business results.
    • Improved visualization of compliance, risk mitigation
    • Improved 360 degree view of customer through multichannel analytics integration (with web, mobile)
      • Improving cost of operations and
      • Revenue success



Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience- New york, March 26, 2015
Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience - New York, March 26, 2015
Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Journey
Mphasis Digital Customer Experience Journey
Ganesh Ayyar at Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience Launch
Ganesh Ayyar at Unleash the Next Digital Customer Experience Launch
Digital Transformation for enhanced Customer Experience
Digital Transformation for enhanced Customer Experience
Mphasis Care Transformation services
Mphasis Care Transformation services