Increased competition has led to an aggressive push for subscriber growth and customer satisfaction. Reducing churn, increasing loyalty and developing multiple touch points are driving the way Telcos are interacting with the customers today.

Mphasis brings telecom players closer to their customers with our people, processes and tools.

Our Offerings

CRM Offerings

The Mphasis Advantage

Our presence in the telecom billing arena has been well entrenched for the special capabilities that we bring to the table:

  • Service top line clients across the globe
  • Dual Certified consultants, Sr. Architects, CRM Domain Experts, Seasoned Program Managers
  • Assessment tools, Consulting Frameworks
  • Agile delivery model, Implementation methodologies and Templates

Client Stories

Siebel Application Rebuild for a European Telco

Mphasis performed Siebel application rebuild and data upgrade for a major European Telco with global presence. There was a significant reduction in TCO and process standardisation across the client’s European subsidiaries.