Mobile Virtual Network Operators Platform

MVNOs want seamless integration of its own systems with the business systems of the Mobile Network Operator. A complex OSS/BSS infrastructure needs to be aligned for critical customer-facing services such as billing and revenue management, customer relationship management, order management, provisioning, assurance, etc. And the MVNO has to offer this in a multi-tenant environment. This requires a complex platform with a clear focus on business processes to support the congruence of multiple enterprise applications and 3rd party providers.

Our Offerings

Some of the key solution components are:

MVNO Portal: The MVNO can provide white labeled managed services (WLMS) to MVNO customers on as needed basis. WLMS is a suite of managed and value added services delivered on the basis of “on-demand” and as needed. This includes not only the supply of wholesale products, such as voice, broadband, mobile and cloud services, but also the billing and operational systems, customer portals and end-customer facing activities of ordering, provisioning, and customer and service management.

Platform Maintenance: Mphasis will make appropriate changes in the product catalogs and billing systems in support of on-going campaigns using a platform maintenance team.

WLMS call center services/ACD/IVR: Mphasis can provide BPO services for customer service.

Sales and Marketing (CRM): As part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, this will be offered to MVNO customers for servicing their end subscriber accounts.

CRM: This module includes all customer related transactions and interactions.

Order Management: A customer order in CRM will trigger appropriate work orders (configuration requests) through middleware and provisioning interface to underlying network suppliers. The orchestration of these orders would be handled by order management module.

Rating , Billing and Payment: Billing system will handle Rating and Billing processes for all MVNO customers.

The Mphasis Advantage

We bring to the table, the following benefits to our clients:

  • A low risk platform
  • A platform based on Telecom industry leading practices
  • A platform that is scalable to meet the needs of the MVNO/E
  • Flexibility to accommodate continuous new requirements
  • Modular approach to enable replacement of solution components