eBonding for Ticket Management

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) offer an array of products and services to wholesalers and retailers. For service assurance, a typical CSP environment has more than one ticket management system for various products and services. In a multiple system environment, the task for a wholesaler or a retailer gets complicated and leads to confusion in logging tickets in correct system and also tracking the tickets in real time.

In the absence of eBonding, the wholesaler works offline and registers the ticket over phone or fax with the CSP. Tracking of these tickets is not just manual but requires more support agents for ticket creation, tracking and resolution. While wholesalers spend license fees for their Ticket Management System, the RoI takes a longer time due to manual service assurance processes.

An automated system with real time interfaces can help both the CSP and the wholesalers/retailers resolve this issue.

Our Offerings

Mphasis eBonding facilitates fast and efficient logging of tickets resulting in reduced cycle time for ticket management.

An average of 30 minutes savings can be achieved per ticket. Mphasis eBonding solution for ticket management allows CSP's internal help desk application to communicate directly with the wholesaler's ticket management systems.

The eBonding solution ensures security of the interaction between the Telco and its trading partners through SSL and user authentication thereby providing data safety. It also eliminates the need to re-key data from the partner/wholesaler's systems into the CSP's internal systems.

Ticket Management Offering

The Mphasis Advantage

  • Subject matter experts with exhaustive experience in understanding the functional areas of business
  • Expertise in implementing Oracle SOA suite for integration
  • Post merger transformation experience
  • Best shore delivery operational model
  • Optimum resource utilization keeping only critical activities onsite
  • Complex process documentation prepared by business analysts yielding effective project management