We humanize digital experiences

Mphasis User eXperience (UX) Practice was set up in early 2000 with the vision of introducing the 'User Perspective' to otherwise technology centered initiatives. We are a global team of professionals comprising of User Experience Specialists, Architects, Content Writers, Visual Designers, Front-end Developers, and RIA Developers who enable our customers to leverage our expertise in total solution design.

At Mphasis UX Practice, we aim to provide meaningful customer experiences by weaving together business requirements, technical ability, and creative services to make the user experience and digital marketing effective and efficient.

Mphasis User eXperience Solution

Our UX Practice team operates through our specialized Centers of Excellence (COEs):

  • UX Analysis & Research
  • UX Design
  • UX Development

Why User eXperience

The proliferation of social media and mobile devices is changing the consumer dynamics significantly. The consumer is becoming more sophisticated and empowered. The relationship between brands and consumer is continuously evolving. This is posing a challenge for enterprises that are getting their mobile and web applications designed. They want an experience that is easy to use, valuable, emotionally satisfying and aesthetically pleasing. To retain and gain customers, they have to continually win their customers' hearts and minds by providing them with an inducing User Experience (UX).

An enhanced User Experience helps in:

  • Delivering more meaningful, engaging and rewarding customer journeys
  • Examining the role of new technologies and platforms for improving customer relationships
  • Increasing employee productivity and enhancing interaction for enterprise facing applications
  • Monitoring and improving business performance using a structured and collaborative approach
  • Keeping customers happy and satisfied

Our UX practice, enriched with our core COE capabilities, provides contemporary and creative front-end design and content solutions to our global customer pool, with the added benefit of cost efficiency via the Virtual Team Model, in a variety of application areas, viz. enterprise applications, portals, content management solutions, rich media applications, online marketing and research, customer experience management, gaming and e-learning.

Our offerings encompass architecture, design, content, and technical implementation. This is well-integrated with the skills and expertise of our professionals.

User Experience Services

Usability Consultant

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Today, UX Practice plays a crucial role in all Application Development projects and is an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Immersive development strategy. The synergistic association of the three COEs' help in designing and creating an enriching and unique user experience.

Our skilled resources are aware of the competitive demands and provide state of the art solutions using different methodologies.

4-D User Centered Design Methodology

This is a proven methodology which focuses on the principles of Planning, Design, Development and Deployment. We use this methodology to deploy traditional projects.

Agile Methodology

To support usability activities in an agile environment, we apply an Iterative methodology that delivers designs & research data consistently, speedily, and in a timely fashion. Moreover, we also accommodate this methodology to fit within the sprint cycles of the application / product development. We have designed the Conceptualize-Design-Evaluate (CDE) model which binds the Agile and UX together.

Conceptualize Dvevelop Evaluate Model

Key features of Agile Usability:
  • Parallel track for research activities
  • Focus on few key features
  • Preference of quicker usability studies over elaborate ones
  • Efficient use of internal customer representatives, especially during initial starting phases of the sprint
  • Consistently and timely communication of research findings to business and developers

Advent of Mobile UX

With the phenomenal growth in the mobile devices segment, Mphasis UX practice is also diversifying in the area of Mobile UX. In this area, the recurring pattern is to introduce mobile apps that are extensions of pre-existing web applications or websites. The form factor and performance constraints actually result in a significantly simpler and more focused user experience on mobile apps vis-a-vis corresponding web applications.

Mobile UX

Responsive Design Expertise

Mphasis UX practice is engaged in offering cross platform, cross device, cross browser strategies and solutions. We pride in having skilled resources who work towards providing contemporary responsive design solutions to our customers. Responsive Web Design is a combination of fluid grids, flexible images and media queries to change layout based on the size of device viewport. Responsive Web Design allows the use of a single URL structure for a site, thereby removing the need for separate mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. sites.

Responsive UX

The Mphasis Advantage

  • We believe in the principle -"know thy user"
  • We design user experiences, not just features
  • We provide humanized digital experiences
  • We devise 360o User Experience Design
  • We provide Hyper-specialized services
  • We create value for our customers

The Mphasis Difference

  • A mature practice with expertise in designing user experience across platforms for multiple domains
  • One-stop shop for Usability Experience and user interface design with end-to-end application development
  • Strong technology background and business understanding helps leverage the features of the tool or product being deployed and is critical for good user experience
  • Strong branding and communications background
  • Agile user-centered design approach, integrated with mainstream Mphasis SDLC
  • Continuous research in emerging media and UI technologies
  • Reusable optimized UI Code Library and Flex Component Library reduce development effort and costs
  • Application of formal usability techniques through standardized templates
  • Established frameworks and artifacts that optimize design and development
  • Established and proven on-site-offshore processes with all design stages executed on-site in close proximity to the end users
  • Low cost benefits for non user-centered stages of the execution process (prototype development, content analysis, graphical design, etc.)
  • Proven work with global clientele
  • Ability to work with localized context on international projects
  • Knowledge sharing through case studies, white papers and best practice documents available via Virtual Team Room
  • In-house training programs to bridge the gaps between usability in theory and practice
  • Association with renowned educational institutions to keep updated with domain knowledge