Convert your technology into your competitive advantage

The Wyde Corporation, acquired by Mphasis in 2011, is an international software vendor and creator of Wynsure - an industry leading Insurance Policy Administration Solution. Headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, with a modern research and development center in France, Wyde developed and deployed Wynsure, a proven software platform, used by many of the leading insurance carriers in North America and Europe. Wynsure is a premier platform that offers personalized technology solutions for the entire insurance industry.


Insurance companies are under constant pressure to transform their operations and processes. Their technological infrastructure must be agile and flexible, providing a competitive advantage and allowing companies to respond to rapid market changes and evolving customer demands. As a customer, you need quick, easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions to unlock the opportunities in your data and boost profitability.

Mphasis and Wyde merge their unique competencies to comprehend your business needs and provide customized implementation solutions based on several years of industry knowledge and experience. With Wynsure, customers can transform their business across the entire insurance value chain by streamlining their complex processes. This transformation process is led by our integration experts and supported by our global delivery methods.

The Wynsure Solution

This premium, comprehensive solution from Mphasis Wyde makes you more agile, flexible and profitable.

  • Replace antiquated technology with a modern solution that streamlines complex processes
  • Implement our solutions quickly, thanks to our:
    • Proven, iterative approach
    • Technically adept, experienced senior domain professionals
    • Specifically designed tools for handling interfaces and data migration
  • Manage all lines of business
  • Test new products thoroughly before roll-out
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Implement as SaaS, an end-to-end solution or incrementally by domain
  • Easily add new lines of business and new domains at any time
  • Deploy multi-line, multi-language, multi-currency capabilities worldwide
  • Manage access to all customer related information
  • Specify workflow by organization rules and product specifications
    • Automatically post to the right team
    • Access by each user to a to-do list based upon their profile
  • In-depth configuration
  • Launch via web portal with customizable graphical interfaces to help:
    • Simplify your operations
    • Offer self-service features such as online underwriting and contract management
  • Fully scalable
  • Increase productivity up to 40%
  • Boost ROI by unlocking opportunities hidden in your data
  • Customize products to meet consumer needs
  • Generate profits through better underwriting
  • Cut costs with better risk assessment
  • Take market share by using Wynsure's powerful, highly configurable product factory to:
    • Set up offer parameters such as rating, coverage and eligibility rules without the need for your internal IT team
    • Implement new products rapidly
    • Modify highly sophisticated products in a time-effective manner
  • Installation and use of one single system which
    • Consolidates all lines of business and processes
    • Supports the global enterprise
  • Significant reduction in time-to-market
  • Increase in productivity by up to 40% due to automation and streamlining of business processes
  • Reliability of data due to data centralization and automation of processes