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In the face of a world disrupted by geostrategic, macroeconomic, and societal forces, we strive to exhibit our commitment to our clients, investors, partners, employees, and communities. As a responsible and conscious corporate citizen, while moving ahead, we are also ‘shifting left’ to integrate sustainability across our operations and demonstrate what it means to be a leader in the industry setting exceptional standards driven by a purpose-led approach to solving challenges.




The past year has displayed the power of our teams that collaborated and came together to deal with adversities, refusing to give anything less than the best. Even in the darkest days of the pandemic, our team rallied beside each other as we were presented with several challenges going beyond the immediate concern of health, safety and economic upheaval. Each influenced the way we work, our relationships and our responsibility to the world at large.


We have remained resilient, and effectively navigated the events while maintaining our critical role in the supply chain, benefiting all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees and business partners.


Sustainability and social responsibility have always been the cornerstone of our business. With the global pandemic enhancing our role as a leading technology partner, our responsibility of being a committed corporate citizen, required us to kickstart our formal ESG journey. All our efforts are underpinned by our commitment to the community, and building a sustainable business remains fundamental to our strategy; enabled by the power of technology and disruptive solutions.


Our ESG mission focuses on reducing company-wide environmental footprint, building sustainable supply chains build a diverse professional culture and transparent and ethical governance, all converging on to tech for good.


Practicing Good Corporate Governance

We believe that good corporate governance creates value for all our stakeholders. We uphold the highest ethical standards and business practices across our processes. We take measures to ensure accountability and to strengthen our corporate governance capabilities as well as adopt a proactive approach to risk management. As part of our commitment to conduct business with high ethical standards, we have developed a comprehensive set of policies to embed and practice responsible governance. These policies are applicable across all levels of management and operations including subsidiaries irrespective of their geographical location.


For the first time this year, we have undertaken an assessment of our material topics and issues. We intend to chalk a strategic way forward aligned with these topics and driven by our mission to deliver value to our stakeholders.


We are environment conscious, socially responsible, corporate citizens of the world, sustaining and accelerating stakeholder value. Our approach to ESG is driven by the following pillars:


Continuity and accelerated innovation that is aligned for scalable and sustainable growth is our mantra. We are leveraging our core strength and our expertise to architect agility, customer centricity and deliver value to the society at large. Our efforts resonate through our two-pronged approach:

  • Tech4Good- Business:
    Applying AI to solve global challenges Know More
    Leveraging the power of quantum for public good Know More
    Helping clients migrate to green cloud Know More
  • Tech4Good – Society:
    Nudging applied research and education for technological innovation Know More
    Enabling accessibility through technology leading to an equitable society

Our sound culture, business principles and practices are ethical, transparent and timely. Our robust structures enables us to adopt astute commercial judgement authority, accountability, leadership, direction and control that creates commercial opportunities as well as mitigates risks. We believe responsible governance practices coupled with our next-gen solutions will be core to help us create an enabling environment for our customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

Our Leadership Know More

Our people are central to our vision and growth, and we strive to provide a safe and empowering professional experience to our employees. Our approach is driven by four key focus areas- equity and empowerment, inclusivity, driving learnability and agility, overall wellness and care.

As an organization, we internalize the value of creating and retaining diverse teams, advocate curiosity, innovation and empower our people and communities.

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At Mphasis, we leverage our technological capabilities to tackle the effects of climate change. Therefore, at Mphasis, we aim to accelerate our commitment to climate change by investing in low-carbon options for infrastructure and buildings to limit global warming to 2 degree Celsius and renewable energy, effective e-waste and water management practices and helping clients migrate to greener tech, to enable a more responsible value chain.

We are revisiting and developing new targets and strategies aimed at deep emissions cuts in all sectors, ensuring no negative environmental impacts as well as rally with stakeholders towards a low-emission, climate-resilient future.