An intelligent chatbot development platform




Enterprises are increasingly looking for bot platform as it enables them to create intelligent, conversational bots in a simple manner. These platforms simplify development, enable standardization, drive usability, improve time-to-market and optimize costs.


CognitiveGuru™ (CG) is an AI based chatbot development platform, built using Microsoft AI and popular opensource technologies to enable enterprises design, build, establish and deploy chatbots in an easy manner. Incubating the workforce of the future, CG is an intuitive virtual assistant platform, powered by cognitive ‘Talents’. These Talents, written using NodeJS, perform specific tasks such as resetting a password, or fetch specific information, and are categorized based on domain – banking, airlines, healthcare, insurance, government and social, and function – sales & marketing, service desk, human resources and products. Mphasis CG provides:

  • Enriched intent and entity identification in utterances through NLP and NLU technologies
  • Diverse engagement channels such as Skype, Teams, WhatsApp, among others
  • Empower departments within an enterprise to launch own bots specific to their needs
  • Intelligent conversational experiences re-imagining the way users interact with systems
  • Secured integration with any system within the enterprise through REST or SOAP APIs exposed by the existing systems
  • Real-time analytics on the usage of Talents by authorized users



Service Desk


Dealing with the compelling task to eliminate humans from trivial requests, service desk operation adopted chatbots at an early stage to reduce the resolution time of high priority issues. CG as an interface establishes the possibility of end-to-end or zero touch automation from request till fulfilment, through features such as seamless integration with core systems on a secured architecture. In addition to the end users, CG bots benefit service desk leaders, service desk operations manager, service desk support manager and service desk support analyst.


At Mphasis, CG currently handles more than 50+ service desk use cases, catering to 28,000+ employees. It helps in:

Human Resource


Virtual assistant is undoubtfully the best channel for HRs to provide real-time and accurate responses to employees’ queries. CG bots streamline and personalize the experience across different workforce categories, within an enterprise. It is a virtual guide for employees that sails through information residing in multiple systems. In addition to workforce, CG benefits HR leaders, HR business partners, and functions including employee engagement, compensation & benefits and learning & development.


At Mphasis, CG is widely used for recruitment, employee onboarding, policy queries, leave management, employee appreciation, among others, and helps in:

Sales and Marketing


Bots have immense potential to boost user engagement, consequently leading to more conversion and sales. CG bots hyper-personalize the conversational experience for the end user, elevating the connect between the services/products and users to the next level. While the businesses stand to benefit at large, CG benefits lead management, promotional campaign, customer engagement, target marketing and customer support teams in driving revenue and growth.


Product Engineering


CG bots bring in the conversational experience augmented with cognitive insights which allows product managers to provide hyper personalized self-services at ease. The bots entitle the product managers to integrate with enterprise product recommendation engines to extend hyper-personalized service based on customer profile. Product administrators, product analysts, product support engineers and product managers are some of the key business personas who derive greater benefit from this channel. Some of the benefits provided by CG include:




Completely customizable platform that can integrate with any system that exposes APIs

License to own the entire source code of the platform

Built with opensource, making it developer friendly & flexible and enabling standardization

Driven by popular NLP technologies from Microsoft (LUIS, Bot framework)

Common actions are handled by libraries ensuring reusability of actions across tasks

Flexible pricing options

Cloud agnostic platform