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Every enterprise and its business processes must be data-driven today. No data, no decision. Data analytics today is driving the innovation and creating new products from insights. This requires that the enterprises know what data is available to them, where to find it, and how to make sense of it. And that is made difficult by the fact that data is doubling in size every year and 80% of the growth is in unstructured data.

Legacy tools like relational databases, SQL, batch files and expensive ETL are just not capable of handling this growth leave alone driving businesses in real-time.

At Mphasis we have helped many enterprises migrate to next generation of data and analytics. We have created accelerators to deliver business KPIs in 90 days. Our data tribe has mastered data management, data lakes, cloud and streaming data analytics with machine learning to enable self-service, KYC, personalization etc. while making the IT lean and reducing overall costs. Let’s talk and create a roadmap to embark your organization on its next generation data journey.