An American Bank Successfully Migrates 12 Million Customers to New Platform

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The client is one of the largest, retail banks in the United States (US). It was involved in a merger with a large retail bank, as part of which it needed to migrate a large number of customers onto a new platform. In addition to improving performance with the new platform, the client also wanted to minimize costs



Apart from designing, building, and supporting its retail frontend across multiple lines of business (LOBs), the client had to migrate 12 million customers to a new platform. Such a merger required the re-architecture of its entire system to a scalable platform built using service-oriented architecture (SOA), enabling it to support over 30 million customers. In addition, ongoing enhancements and support for retail and private banking continued.



To overcome these challenges, Mphasis used a J2EE BEA portal, SOA with websphere, the .NET framework, and proprietary frameworks to devise a solution that included:

·         Testing

·         Managed services

·         Development and implementation

·         Architecture consulting

·         Requirements analysis

·         Usability engineering and information architecture

·         Architecture and design


The solution enabled our client to:


• Develop a single secure retail front-end across LOBs that supported six million customers

• Merge with a larger multinational bank, successfully migrating 12 million customers while ensuring robust quality through an end-to-end testing engagement across the merger

• Re-architect to a service-oriented architecture (SOA), driving cost savings, maintainability, and scalability

• Bring its new partner onto the same platform, enhancing cost optimization and user experience