Leading French Bank Sets Up Retail Banking Operations Successfully in India

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The client is a leading bank headquartered in Paris, which recently started its retail banking operations in India. The client wanted to create a technical framework that could keep pace with its growing scale, so that it could set up its new operations effectively.



The client wanted to define and implement a technical architecture for its operations. It required a state-of-the-art technology setup that would enable it to become a comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ for all retail banking products. In addition, the solution was expected to scale up to meet the bank’s future needs as well.



Our team used ATLAS, Nucleus, DEBOS (vendor products), BroadVision Portal 6.0, Oracle CRM 11i, IBM MQSI, MQ and XML messaging, IFX, and ISO 8583 standards to devise a solution that provided:

·         Technical architecture (for the entire retail bank)

·         Product evaluation and selection

·         System integration and testing

·         Program management office (PMO)


The solution enabled our client to:


• Define best-of-breed functional and technical architecture to support its long-term vision

• Set up a Program Management Office (PMO) to support the implementation of a multi-product, multi-vendor, multi-phase program

• Undertake system integration while incorporating a flexible message design that could be leveraged across multiple channels

• Provide for testing of business scenarios across multiple product processors, components, and channels