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Webinar: The Future of Underwriting: Harnessing the Power of Data & Digitization

  • January 13, 2022
  • 12:00 PM ET, 5 pm GMT/10.30 pm IST

Webinar: The Future of Underwriting: Harnessing the Power of Data & Digitization

If you are struggling with insufficient underwriting processes, we have good news and bad news. The bad: today’s challenges are only going to grow as the marketplace becomes more competitive, and the pool of experienced underwriters dwindles. The good: you have access to powerful digital platforms to automate key underwriting tasks at scale.

Join our virtual panel discussion featuring P&C leaders from no-code platform provider Unqork, system integrator Mphasis, and AWS as they explore today’s most-pressing underwriting challenges and how they can be addressed with technology.

The webinar will include a demonstration of how leading carriers are using Unqork and AWS platforms to rapidly build and effectively manage robust underwriting workflows and harness the power of automation and digitization to drive key metrics of concern: loss ratio improvements, risk quotient, and Underwriter efficiency.


Farooq Sheikh - Insurance GTM Lead, Unqork

Farooq Sheikh is the Insurance Go-To-Market Lead for Unqork and serves leading insurers and financial services organizations to achieve customer experience transformation, to design and implement cutting-edge technology solutions, to create greenfield businesses and to reimagine business processes.
Before Unqork, Farooq was a Partner at Oliver Wyman where he consulted to leading insurers, banks and asset managers.
Farooq is a qualified Actuary and started his career at Manulife, Aon and Canada Life.


Ralph Severini - Global Leader, Insurance Alliances, AWS

A multi-faceted innovative leader and technology professional that has contributed to business growth and execution, strategy and planning, product development, and all levels of business development, sales, marketing, and partnerships and alliances for several publicly traded companies.
Driven to build profitable businesses through the enterprise application of technology and its associated mapping to line of business processes.
An end-user and manager, architecting data centers, systems and storage architectures, real time databases, content management and search, and business systems including risk, ECM and CRM.


Preeti Singh - Senior Vice President, Insurance, Mphasis

Preeti Singh is the North America Head of Insurance for Mphasis. She has worked with global and regional carriers in charting their digital transformation journey. Preeti specializes in helping companies apply technology to complex problems to achieve desired business outcomes. Preeti’s previous experience includes Accenture, Citibank and a startup.