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Our client had a contractual obligation under the terms of the London Market to remediate all applications in the estate and maintain the estate at version N or N-1.

The applications in the estate ranged from mainframe, mid-range, ESB, COTS products, workflow, reporting etc. - mostly on unsupported software and infrastructure leading to business sustenance and continuity risk.

We were part of our client’s hybrid team to mobilise the factory, rapidly integrate with the existing London Market team and deliver remediated application services.



Our aim and strategy was to

  • Bring all software under manufacturer support to prescribed versions, within a timescale agreed by the project stakeholders
  • Introduce new tooling and establish processes to keep the application estate at N or N-1 version
  • Introduce identified dependant platform and infrastructure services
  • Mitigate technology and operational risk by leveraging the client's Application Transformation Services offering. We would also accelerate the delivery of this objective by adopting an agile transformation methodology that comprises discovery methods and tools to predict and prescribe application treatments, and remediation automation factories to reduce the time and risk in application remediation
  • Complete the remediation of all in-scope applications within the term of the service contract, while making every effort to accelerate its completion
  • Design and implement sustainable business processes and practices to ensure that all software is maintained within manufacturers support beyond the closure of the project

Bring all software under manufacturer support to prescribed versions, within a timescale agreed by the project stakeholders

The following work-streams were associated with this program:

  • Infrastructure (ITO)
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
  • Applications (Apps)
  • Business Process Services (BPS)

We implemented the following:

  • Remediation to LMA's target with simplified modern opensource technology stack
  • Standard DevSecOps tooling and disciplines with automated risk-based testing
  • Modern tooling through our client’s proprietary Factory Fabric that implements the needed accelerators for delivery and modern techniques for DevSecOps implementation. This was a key enabler for faster time-to-market of business requirements
  • Test automation to align with DevOps framework


Our solution helped the client achieve below mentioned benefits -

  • Improved efficiencies, swifter ability to respond to regulatory changes, and faster delivery of new products and services to market. Maximized the business and technology benefits from the remediated applications estate in terms of improved efficiencies and project performance while reducing proprietary license costs
  • Improved customer and market confidence through automated testing and deployments, thereby significantly reducing time-to-market for critical business initiatives