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State-of-the-art solutions built by Mphasis for airline/airport customers have helped them to improve their operational efficiency and overall profitability, thus enabling them to remain globally competitive and achieve sustainable growth in the airline industry. 


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    Consulting services

    • Travel/Transport product selection and implementation for Reservation, Distribution, Operation, and Finance systems
    • System Implementation and Integration Consulting
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    Application Development & Maintenance Services

    • Enterprise Architecture Design
    • Application Development and Implementation
    • Production Support
    • Development Support
    • Application Re-engineering
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    Integration & Migration Services

    • ERP systems integration and implementation expertise with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Microsoft
    • Integration of core systems with websites and call center applications
    • Integration with loyalty and customer survey applications


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Route Profit Analyzer (mRoute)

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Route Profit Analyzer (mRoute)

Mphasis Route Profit Analyzer (mRoute) supports Right Route decision making and cost analysis. mRoute provides near real-time integration of all relevant cost and revenue parameters for sharper decision support with highly intuitive and interactive visual dashboard to surface business insights quickly and easily. It also enables self-service Predictive Analysis and What-if Analysis, based on historic trend and helps take right routing decisions.

Few key benefits of this solution are:

  • Revenue increase by insights into most profitable routes
  • Reduction in operational cost by automating data collection process
  • Identify alternative itineraries to satisfy origin and destination (O&D) demand across the airline network
  • Reduced data collation effort, creating more time for data analysis
  • Improved productivity and quality of decision
  • Quick RoI decision support system
  • Identify and enhance cost control measures
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Mphasis Account Payable Solution (mFin)

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Mphasis Account Payable Solution (mFin)

mFin is a comprehensive technology enabled solution which streamlines and automates the Invoice processes using a unique combination of image capture and data recognition technology, best practices workflows, rules based AP engine, and tight integration with all major financial and ERP systems.

Mphasis Invoice Process Solution (mFin) has free format automated data capture of vendor invoices exception processing for unmatched invoices and discrepancies, automated routing for online approval and GL coding, Web enabled workflow integrated functions and departments that enables organizations to quickly process the invoice with faster turnaround time.

Few key benefits of this solution are:

  • Reduced human intervention with > 95% accuracy
  • Reduce storage and retrieval costs by > 50%
  • Focus on core value-add finance functions
  • Reduce invoice processing cycle time
  • Eliminate mis-payment, duplicate payment
  • Avail early payment discounts
  • Avoid late payment fees
  • Reduced vendor disputes through collaboration tools
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