F500 global energy management and electrical manufacturing organization


Objective: Transform the company's application development process


Results achieved:


  • Improve applications’ response times by reducing network delays 
  • Segregate various environments (INT, SQE, PPR and production) for streamlined deployments 
  • Set-up appropriate controls, delegation, credentials for Ops management 
  • Implement streamline process and increase transparency in operations with well-defined operational SLAs and monitoring 
  • Support pace of agile application development through reduced lead time for server provisioning, and accelerated application deployments 
  • Adopt capacity management, service cost monitoring and optimization practices; Implement charge-back models 
  • Reduce time to incident resolution and root-cause 
  • Deploy existing applications portfolio to new infrastructure and processes 
  • Monitor infrastructure and applications health 24x7 
  • Accelerate future app development