Fast Growing US bank 


Objective: Create Bank as a service to accelerate delivery of services on the digital platforms through API-fication

  • Deliver intelligent, personalized conversation-driven mobile experiences at faster speeds to millennials both direct and through relationship advisor channel via Apification 
  • API-fication Program, to connect its internal and external system of records through APIs to deliver faster, intelligent and intuitive mobile experiences through a connected application network strategy.
  • Re-architect the existing monolithic ESB structure to a more modularized micro service based structure. 
  • Converting current SOAP/Http based web services to a REST based web service format to be more easily consumed by the mobile devices
  • API specifics include:
    • Design & Development
    • Management, Monitoring  
    • Mediation
    • Security

 Target Results: 

  • Bank as a service
  • Speed
  • Integrated Omnichannel strategy