F100 Bank


Objective: Set up a Data Warehouse CoE for end-to-end services and enhance scalability, functionality and reporting.


Results achieved:

  • Enhance scalability and performance through ETL migration to Informatica
  • Quicker availability of updated information for operational reporting 
  • Scalability for processing growing volume of data within SLA timeframes achieved 
  • Quick delivery of data for analytics
  • Analytical dashboards in Tableau spanning 60+ KPIs 


Auto Loan subsidiary of a F100 bank


Objective: Leverage Collibra and Informatica IDQ to establish data governance and improve data quality 


Results achieved:

  • Proper Data Governance and Data Quality processes/procedures for quality data availability
  • Business glossary and metadata repository in Collibra and Informatica to establish common data definitions and data lineage/traceability
  • Data quality scoreboards across all assets
  • Data quality assessment and remediation with Informatica IDQ
  • Internal regulatory requirements goal met
  • Reduced operational risk and improved operational knowledge on data usage 


F500 real estate organization


Objective: Remediate and optimize Informatica MDM implementation.


Successful transition, remediation and implementation of Informatica MDM by correcting many issues in ongoing implementation--business process gaps, functionality mismatches, wrong implementations etc.


Results achieved:


Quick turnaround and successful implementation to enable smooth, ongoing market rollouts 


  • Outstanding issues promptly resolved and performance bottlenecks removed 
  • Governance processes and enhanced business participation resulted in ownership and adoption
  • Deployed additional functionality and enabled faster market rollouts at a reduced cost


F100 bank


Objective: Use semantic modeling to uniquely define business terms and achieve consensus around data definitions.


The client bank was building a global platform across the US, Europe and Asia to handle all customer / account / instrument masters. Over a 12 month period, the team was unable to complete more than 25% of business term definitions. There was little consensus and extreme dissatisfaction with the models created.


Results achieved:

  • Used semantic modeling methodology to complete the modeling exercise.
  • Completed the project in 4 months, from start to finish.
  • Redid the original 25% with complete consensus.