Top 3 global logistics provider

A European based leader in development and marketing of high-end onboard fleet management solutions (on board computers, software and data services) for the transport and logistics sectors


Objective: Develop an end-to-end IoT solution that allows client to make real-time operational decisions  


Results achieved:


Mphasis helped client create product concepts, build a prototype, connect with eco-system of partners, and delivered end-to-end development, analytics and testing services.


 based solution for:

  • Fleet management solution with on-board computers, software and data communication services
  • Prototype creation with firmware
  • Ecosystem connection with partners
  • Design and development of WiFi, GPS/GSM/GPRS and Bluetooth for data communication
  • Software platform & data model design and development
  • Complete end-to-end testing
  • Windows embedded, C/C++, SQL
  • WiFi, GPS/GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth
  • Cloud databases
  • Real-time analytics & reporting
Retail Bank