Design Thinking leads the Front2Back Transformation  efforts. It consists of design principles applied to business strategy which result in simple and innovative solutions. To embed incremental enhancements or redesign into the DNA of products, businesses are exploring ways of solving complex problems using simple and intuitive interactions. Using the principles of design, Design Thinking puts people at the center and lays down disciplines for prototyping and tolerance for failure. 


Our framework helps enterprises blend business strategy, people, technology and customer needs together which drives experience innovation and delightful outcomes. Mphasis offerings:

  • Design Foundation to ensure strategic alignment 
  • Lean and Agile methods for responsiveness and speed as core design functions
  • Rapid Prototyping for quick resolution and testing






Mphasis Design thinking principles are based on the Shuriken, a traditional multi-pointed ninja weapon designed for speed and precision – some edges are meant to cut and some to channelize or guide. Our process is fast and designed to be experimental, encouraging calculated risk-taking thus ensuring innovation. 


Mphasis helps:

  • Organizations move from a problem-feature to a problem-solving mindset
  • Ideate and  help understand users. Identify what problems to solve
  • Design & Prototype to deliver an accurate, tangible solution
  • Test by creating the opportunity to find out if a solution works






  • Allows a channel and the design lifecycle to co-exist and guide the design elements
  • Encourages a collaborative mindset and deters siloed design 
  • Applies consistence and governance to ensure brand value
  • Enables a common design language that can be leveraged across the organization




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