Today, there is a significant overlap between Customer Experience, Branding and Digital Marketing. Customer experience has been defined as the quality of all of a consumer’s encounters with a company’s products, services, and brand. This makes Branding about providing consistent experiences across all the touch points of the customer’s journey. Mature organizations are benchmarking themselves using key parameters such as Adaptability, Speed and Scalability of their channels. Digital Marketing is about bringing these together and creating the right orchestration to deliver Next Best Action in the customer journey. And this then becomes one of the key goals of Front2Back Transformation :


Marketing Maturity Model


Mphasis Digital Marketing Offerings help enterprises leverage technology for continuous improvement of their digital marketing efforts and include:

  • Marketing rubric-based roadmap for marketing maturity
  • Scoring mechanism to self-evaluate and benchmark on key parameters
  • Holistic insight to bring data, experience, marketing, cognitive and architecture together
  • Integrated marketing analytics platform to enable customer 360 approach
  • Cognitive and advanced analytics
  • Decision-engine for Next Best Action


The Key Dimensions in the Mphasis Marketing Maturity Model  to obtain Front2Back Transformation are:

  • Information across Customer Value Chain – Are you effectively leveraging information across the value chain?
  • Capabilities – Are you harnessing the promise and power of established and evolving channels?
  • Speed – Are your people, processes and tools able to handle ‘cloud native’ speeds?
  • Adaptability – Are you able to modify processes to meet changing demands?
  • Scalability – Are your operations able to scale without incurring significant cost overages? 
  • Culture - Are you able to bridge and harness the competing interests of Business, IT and Marketing?



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