Intelligent, real-time engagement via Contact Center transformation to reduced calls and retain customers in Digital Channel

  • Mphasis identified customer journey mapping as a key activity that would allow the client to understand the key customer pain-points across channels
  • Applied design thinking workshops, analysis of pain points via custom filters and potential solution recommendations via proprietary solution optimizers.
  • The current experience is characterized by high call volume, drop-offs from digital channels and drop-offs rather than seamless channel-hopping. 
  • Encouraged self-help
  • Maximize utilization of existing channels and assets
  • Drove First contact resolution
  • Engaged in a mode of preference
  • Made switching modes seamless

Target Results Achieved:  

  • Containment drives LEI
  • Contact Reduction drives cost reduction
  • Create a scalable architecture that combines various elements of the conversational systems platform
  • KPIs include Churn Rate, First Call Resolution, Self-Service Promotion, Offer Take Care, Conversational Value, Right Party Connects and NPS