Intelligent and Scalable solution for Employee Assistance




Organizations are often faced with increased volume of requests for information and assistance from their employees at the time of crisis. With limited resources, and the need to respond and interact with every employee, they need a solution that can intelligently and autonomously handle all these repetitive requests, in a scalable yet personalized manner. This can help them free up and reassign their limited resources for HR, legal and other critical activities, while providing prompt and effective employee assistance and assurance in these trying times.




Mphasis’ fully managed Employee Assistance -as-a-Service utilizes a combination of conversational AI technologies and agent-based assistance to efficiently handle employee requests of varying complexity in an intelligent and scalable manner.

Employee Assistance-as-a-Service -

• Can be implemented in just 1 day.
• Is available to our customers at no cost for as long as the crisis demands them to provide an intense level of service
• Offers seamless transfer between AI bot and live agent, with work-flows and integrations tied in
• Integrated with existing intranet/internet portals

• Comes with enterprise grade unique routing, which means it can become very granular in the way in which chats are routed to departments, agents, forms and workflows – all through keywords, intents, webhooks and more
• Provides enterprise grade security when needed - SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, LDAP, SSO, WCAG
• Provides in-depth reporting

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