Identifying and Reacting to Threats Effectively

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Threat monitoring and incident response is the corner stone of all cyber defense strategies, as undetected breaches and delayed remediation are the biggest threats to organizations Threat monitoring involves continuously analyzing and evaluating data to identify cyber risks and breaches.

Traditional approaches to Security Operations Centers are no longer adequate. To efficiently reduce growing threat risks and maximize data protection capabilities, businesses need next-gen security threat management solution.



Mphasis' threat monitoring and incident response services include threat visibility assurance, threat prediction & detection @ speed, and threat prevention, response & compliance. As part of this, we provide purpose build AI/ML, contextualized intelligence, automation and cloud, to deliver unmatched speed, accuracy and efficiency. Modular in design and governed by strong processes & methods, our consume on demand model helps you run your business with cyber confidence. Our advanced threat monitoring service collects and correlates information from various digital platforms to identify patterns indicative of a potential threat or security incident. Upon identifying a threat, intelligence-based alert is issued to the security team for mitigation or incident response.


  • Ready to integrate and monitor digital platforms
  • Powered by purpose build AI/ML for threat prediction, hunting and incident detection
  • Contextualized Intelligence based response automation
  • High fidelity telemetry
  • Security response orchestration and automation (SOAR)
  • Mitigation based on threat prioritization
  • Deep investigation of breaches and reporting
  • Automated orchestrated response
  • Remote Forensics


Modular in design, with stack features available

Flexible, consumption-based payment models

Threat visibility enhancement through automated discovery, contextualized intelligence, intelligence alert elimination and automation

Prevention & detection at speed with dark, deep & surface web monitoring, advanced external and internal threat hunt

Automated and orchestrated incident response, on demand deep investigation and forensics