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Mentor and seed fund leading tech-based social enterprises across the education and accessibility value chain.


Technology is vital in ensuring the scalability and sustainability of impact in the space of education and accessibility. Through tech-centric development models, multiple bottlenecks across the education and accessibility value chain can be addressed to bring about large scale improvement.


Mphasis has partnered with NASSCOM Foundation for the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, a Tech for Good platform that aims to drive technology-led innovation towards social impact.Mphasis has partnered with NASSCOM Foundation to provide seed funding and mentoring to the top 4 ICT based solutions in the space of Primary and Secondary Education, and Accessibility, allowing them to scale sustainable models for social enterprises.


ICT led Social Innovation in Primary and Secondary Education:


Mguru: Mobile Learning Apps for Literacy and Numeracy

Mobile learning applications aimed at enhancing the basic literacy and numeracy skills of students using interactive techniques.  See how Mguru works.


Headstreams: Arivu-Disha

Improve English learning outcomes of government school children using a tech-centric, play-based model of education. Discover Arivu-Disha.


Pratham: Story Weaver 

Digital, open source repository of multilingual children’s stories to improve access to content in local languages. See how StoryWeaver works.


ICT led Social Innovation in Accessibility:


Blee: Wearable Solutions for hearing impaired

The Blee Wearable is an affordable assistive device that notifies hearing impaired individuals of certain activities and sounds of which they need to be vigilant. Learn about Blee.




  • Drive technology-led innovation for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) population, by developing solutions to address gaps in key developmental areas.
  • Foster inclusive growth by funding initiatives that are widely adoptable.
  • Encourage participation from a diverse mix of social innovators including NGOs, social enterprises, for-profit enterprises and individuals.
  • Impact

    By providing seed-funding and mentoring support, 4 award-winning tech-based social enterprises have emerged.

    Program Partner

    NASSCOM Foundation


    Pan India


    Pratham Books received  the  NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum Challenge 2017 Award. We believe that these efforts will help foster more collaboration between content creators and users of children’s content. This multiplier effect will address the scarcity of multilingual content for children in the country."                                      

    - Ms. Suzanne Singh, Chairperson, Pratham Books.