The logistics sector is going through a challenging period with unstable growth and eroding margins. Increasing demands to lower costs and improve operational efficiency is putting tremendous pressure on Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies to innovate ways of meeting these demands. This, coupled with increased focus on security, as well as regulatory and environmental compliance, has resulted in the continuing need for companies to have visibility across every aspect of the supply chain.



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Our knowledge and experience in the logistics domain enables us to provide you with solutions and services and help you achieve strategic and tactical business goals and objectives. We have helped several logistics companies:


  • Automate and integrate end-to-end processes across supply chains
  • Improve operational agility
  • Enhance customer satisfaction


Our track record of successfully executing 500+ projects involving more than 4,300 person years of software project development gives us an edge over our competitors in the logistics sub-domain. Our services cover all areas of carrier, forwarder and integrator processes – express and cargo shipping, partner integration and agency operations.