Analyzing business and operational data to sense and react to unarticulated customer demands is the need of the hour. Enterprises today are expected to sense the customer’s wants, adapt to their changing needs, and reflect their context and choices in the products and services offered to them. In addition, an enterprise has several other forces acting on it – internal business and operations stakeholders, competition – both traditional and disruptive, and the technology leaders.


The CIOs, CTOs and CDOs, while chartered with making digital transformation happen, have their own challenges - be it accelerating the transformation, worrying about how to keep their teams current on fast-changing technology, or managing cost and complexity. Furthermore, the CEO has to contend with the silos of his/her corporation, both organizational and new ones created by M&A, while embracing, leading and empowering the employees to adopt digital change. A tall ask indeed for all enterprises and its leaders. This requires the enterprises to shift left in multiple dimensions.


The current data landscape in most corporations is fragmented. It is rigid and slow, with the architecture reflecting the inner workings, while the data is poorly organized, posing challenges such as:




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Gen 4 Platform, Powered by F2B



The Cognitive Mesh Cloud Ecosystem is our next-gen platform for Data, Analytics and AI/ML. It taps into the power of data to provide businesses real-time insights to take the next best action/offer, spot disruptions in customer behavior and support the strategic planning cycle. Leveraging our Front2Back™ approach, we help businesses to transform to the Gen 4 – a Cognitive Mesh Cloud Ecosystem, which allows them to compose and dispose data products on demand. The apps empowered Intelligence Layer assembles a unified customer picture and applies cognition to the recent customer event/movement, related news or external facts, to provide hyper-personalized decisions and actions in real-time.



Key tenets –

Domain capabilities: Highly composable domain-oriented products, with high quality guaranteed through global governance

Platform capabilities: Data Infrastructure components - storage, compute, catalogue, events, pipelines and access control; Analytics as a Service – dashboards, reports, operational analytics, graph analytics, real-time analytics; AI/ML as a Service – AI services, ML/deep learning services, scale and velocity through DataOps and MLOps

Enables Experience: Situational experiences for the users in real-time, providing them with recommendations for the next best action (NBA) and next best offer (NBO)

Global Governance: Master/reference data, industry-standard data models, business glossary and data entitlements


Mphasis has built a reference architecture for the Cognitive Mesh Cloud Ecosystem on AWS, Azure, GCP and, also for specialized Big Data platforms such as Snowflake.






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