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Enabling change with Digital Transformation



Technology – both hardware and digital - has been an enabler of growth and opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry. It has helped businesses to reduce downtime, enhance production and improve the overall recovery of oil and gas while minimizing safety risks and cutting down costs.


Technology enabled the shale revolution even though shale oil was thought to be unviable for commercial production in the mid-2000s. The crash in oil prices is putting increased pressure on CAPEX and OPEX spend in oil and gas companies, in addition to focus on greener energy and reducing the carbon footprint, adding complexity to this fast-changing energy sector. Responding proactively to evolving market conditions and demands by leveraging the digital revolution is the need of the hour.




Based on our knowledge in emerging digital technologies and deep domain expertise in next-gen offerings, Mphasis enables Oil and Gas enterprises –

Implement integrated technologies such as big data and analytics, IoT, AI etc. to enable real-time visibility of demand and supply, improving quality and safety for workers

Identify, design, build and implement newer business models to achieve decarbonized energy systems, while improving efficiency and productivity

Transform into a digital enterprise through personalized offerings for customers, partners and other stakeholders



Oil and Gas industry has witnessed the benefits of adoption of next-generation technology on core pieces of the business, from exploration to production. Also, achieving personalization, agility with resilience, and cost takeout is the need of the hour. This has led to demand for end-to-end solutions that can offer businesses -


  • Low CAPEX
  • Agility through simplification of the core, and
  • Quick response time to satisfy oft-changing business demand


Mphasis helps the enterprises pivot wisely to the new future by transforming their core systems. Our architecture-based, design-led Front2Back™(F2B) approach enables enterprises to become fast, innovative and personalized in their response to digital disruption. This customer-centric approach harnesses the power of cognitive and cloud technologies and rich data resident in enterprises, using our industry-specific X2C2TM framework, to provide the right sized transformation. By focusing on delivering business KPI changes instead of just technology features, we deliver business benefits that lead to self-funded projects.


Our Service Transformation approach helps ‘shrink the core’ through the application of digital technologies across legacy environments, reducing risk, cost and errors. This enables clients to stay ahead in a changing world using our strengths of domain expertise, speed, innovation and specialization.




Aging workforce, volatile market and investment in renewables is driving innovation in the Oil and Gas industry. To enable these enterprises to transform their business, innovate across the value chain and stay relevant in today’s disruptive world, Mphasis helps in optimizing production, creating decarbonized ecosystems, and increasing throughput of existing assets.


We partner in our client’s transformation journey and help implement emerging technologies - cloud, big data & analytics, Internet of Things, SAP, Enterprise Automation among others.




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Case Study