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Design Fast. Design Relevant.
Design Disruptive.



Businesses today are actively exploring to embed essential design elements across their products and services to emerge as a significant differentiator in the marketplace. Hence, the need for defragmented solutions that combine design, domain, and technology. Experience Design eliminates the gap between products and promises while offering hyper-personalized experiences to the end customers.


Owing to Mphasis' design embedded DNA and technological prowess, we utilize 'Experience Thinking' to reimagine our existing offerings and suture new models from the current constructs. We utilize journey-based models and end user research at every stage to ensure individualized experiences to our end customers.








Blink boosts Mphasis' Experience competencies with end-to-end capabilities in user experience research, strategy, design, and implementation. Blink’s 20+ years’ experience of evidence-driven design, 5 studios and 135 + team members add new dimensions and brings new capabilities to the way Mphasis leverages its design vectors - thus providing new value propositions to our clients.


Mphasis' Front2Back™ (F2B) approach guarantees innovation, speed, and engagement. In partnership with Blink, Mphasis’ Experience Tribe effectively combines design methodologies with next-gen technologies to deliver innovative and relevant experiences expeditiously.


Digital Strategy & Service Design

Mphasis combines design methodologies with our F2B approach to solve end users' problems. F2B introduces disruptive technology to legacy ecosystems, delivering chunks of business value in phased, timely manner. Our User Experience Design methodologies include design thinking, user research, rapid prototyping, and journey mapping ensuring a holistic beginning-to-end experience considering every detail of the user's journey.

Both ensure an architecture-based transformation that leverages technology from previous iterations, ensuring reduced marginal cost of implementation.

Sustained Innovation

We use the design thinking methodology to create innovative solutions and combine it with rapid prototyping to ensure iterative augmentation. Design thinking activity commences with empathy to gain insights into users' problems and needs, typically through user research. The gathered data is analyzed and synthesized to create personas that ensure the focus is on human-centricity. Data analysis helps in identifying innovative solutions to the defined problem statement.

Finally, we prototype the solutions - an experimental phase focused on identifying the best possible solution for the problem.


We collaborate and co-create with our clients using our re-imagined Customer Experience Center (CEC). Our cloud-enabled state-of-the-art portable CEC delivers digital experience without any location constraints. We have a repository of centralized and accessible demos, case studies, and Proof of Concepts (POCs). The experience is built using most current digital devices such as HoloLens, VR cardboards, portable projector, Alexa, etc.


With more than 20 years of experience, our User Experience (UX) practice is an integral part of the digital ecosystem lending expertise into research, strategy, design, and development.



Leading with experience helps make our solutions more relevant and innovative.