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Strategic Acceleration
for Always-ahead Success

The objectives that fuel next-gen operations are multi-dimensional. Technology spend shifts from sustenance to growth, IT is both simplified and integrated, and the application landscape is modernized to bring in high performance, resilience and availability in a ‘cloud-first’ environment.


Traditional management of IT infrastructure can significantly limit the efficiency and speed of delivery of digital solutions. Organizations look to partners to provide comprehensive IT operations and support for their applications and infrastructure to improve processes, and deliver efficiencies, value, and savings. This will enable them to stay ahead of the disruption curve with sustained innovation and drive future growth at speed and scale.


Mphasis Agile IT Operations deliver the confidence to global enterprises by setting up reliable foundation that enable leap into the future of digital transformation. Through integrated IT operations using “automate-first” strategy, persona based user journeys, and onboarding our best practices, we blend infrastructure management, applications management, emerging technologies and security services to deliver operational transformation and keep organizations always ahead of the digital evolution curve.



Mphasis' Agile IT Operations delivers a holistic and seamless digital integration of Operational services between infrastructure and application maintenance, including cloud. We enable organizations to experience improved user experience and collaboration, automated IT operations, and a comprehensive tooling ecosystem — including DevOps, Monitoring, Performance and Capacity Management.


Through effective cross-functional teams, we deliver higher process efficiencies, value and cost saving for global enterprises. This reduces time-to-market of applications and infrastructure services, improves service resiliency, and enhances governance, reporting capabilities — while maintaining sustained knowledge articles and continuous service improvements.


Built on impeccable service controls (IT assets, service portfolio, architecture, security, governance and third-party contracts), and re-imagined service transformation (integrated discovery, workflows, assets, automation and cloud integration), we deliver service integration and operations through:

  • A service strategy of aligning infrastructure architecture to business priorities
  • Infrastructure services that provide sustainable value to business while minimizing risk
  • Integrated applications and infrastructure management that deliver the best outcomes through the right policies, performance, decisions and coordination of functions



Infrastructure Services

Mphasis’ Infrastructure Services and Solutions keep enterprises ‘always ready’ in an ‘always on’ world. We transform infra and ops to support the demands of an agile, nimble, and secure hybrid IT environment – and enable cost efficiencies to fund digital and other business transformations



Application Management Services

Mphasis’ Application Management Services is powered by our NextSTEP platform to manage business applications. We enable the evolution of applications and move organizations from an applications environment to business capabilities.




Reducing TCO and upto 30% cost saving for a Human Capital Technology and Services firm


Upto 30% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership for an Independent Insurance Intermediary


Home Healthcare Equipment Provider Achieves 20% TCO Reduction With Next-Gen Infrastructure Management Solution




Our offerings for Agile IT Ops unlock a wide range of tools and strategies to power digital transformation and accelerate cloud adoption. Through patterns and themes, and a playbook flow to track progress they enable scale and volume with speed.


It is a holistic approach of service, solution and playbook components to seamlessly encompass the critical elements of customer journeys, data analytics, technology and systems, people management, operations and processes, and optimal delivery.




Our approach is one of continuous digital evolution through operations transformation. Mphasis’ Agile IT Operations services is built on the strong pillars of reliable foundation using InfraGenieTM, our proprietary Integrated service management and automation platform with versatile tools ecosystem.


We align ourselves closely to the business objectives of the organizations we partner with, and our solution approach combines the following winning aspects:

  • Integrated operations and governance
  • An automation-led and SRE approach
  • End-to-end services ownership
  • Analytics-driven operational intelligence
  • Digital delivery
  • Collaboration and knowledge management capabilities



Our ability to provide end-to-end IT-Ops Services - both legacy and next-generation technologies – our proven success to 'RUN' and 'TRANSFORM' sets us apart. The value-additions we bring to the table include


Rich experience in managing diverse and heterogeneous estates

Robust processes

Secure, reliable and resilient IT environments

Vendor-agnostic solutions, including open industry standards, to prevent vendor lock-in

A delivery culture of innovation

Extensive leverage of Mphasis’ Tools and Automation framework

Willingness to co-create value and develop joint IP with technology partners