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Trust. Partnership. Innovation. Delivered.


With digital and emerging technologies reshaping the way products are conceptualized, designed and developed, software-defined models drive innovation across the digital product lifecycle.


Our Hi-Tech services and solutions are developed leveraging cutting-edge technologies, rapid product innovation, and operational excellence. From concept to definition, architecture, development, validation, deployment, sustenance and end-of-life phases, value is our mantra. We position ourselves as a strategic, innovative and reliable engineering and services partner to enterprises across industries.


Our domain-centric and product engineering expertise deliver innovative solutions and frameworks to achieve game-changing transformation. We leverage the strengths of our research and innovation arm, NEXT Labs, and our proprietary NextSTEPTM platform that hosts Mphasis’ solution assets across all service types and offerings. We consistently innovate on hardware and software products, work on parallel product versions, and incorporate next-gen technologies.




Our wide range of services and solutions provide the right ecosystem for ideation, engineering and maintenance – and are strongly supported by our industry-ready accelerators and assets.




Workplace DevOps Engineering & SRE Modernization Automation Cloud Next-gen Data Development & Sustenance Validation & Verfication

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Mphasis is a specialist at scale and we believe our core focus within the Hi-Tech industry lends us the ability to be flexible and agile to our client needs. Our Engineering Services and Solutions span the following segments:


·   Computing Systems

·   Software Products and Internet Software

·   Medical Devices and instrumentation

·   Consumer Electronics

·   Semiconductors

·   Industrial and Manufacturing



Over 25 years of experience in releasing leading next-generation enterprise and commercial products

Trusted and long-term client relationships of 20+ years with highest quality of delivery

Near perfect client satisfaction scores and glowing client testimonials through consistent value in engineering contributions

Innovative user experience along with accelerated time-to-market

Rich ecosystem of 100+ technology partners bringing disruptive innovation to our clients through Sparkle Labs

Global footprint with 60+ locations aiding flexible and agile delivery operations with global touchpoints alongside our clients. 

Differentiated solutions developed in specialized research and innovation center (NEXT Labs), investing in next-gen technologies.

Transparent engagement and delivery models with single-pane visibility through enterprise dashboards