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Next-gen Embedded Technology for Smart Connected Devices

Embedded Systems and software are the foundational blocks that enable the digitization of the physical world. Embedded systems design is becoming more flexible and software defined. Systems that were once isolated are becoming increasingly connected. Sensor-enabled technologies such as embedded system security, embedded AI, edge AI and IoT/IoT edge technologies will play a vital role in driving a stronger digital backbone to achieve productivity gains.


Mphasis’ end-to-end Embedded Services delivers security spanning across whole spectrum of PDLC, connectivity, intelligence and scalable models to enable global clients to be ahead of the curve of current and futuristic business needs. Our services cover the entire embedded engineering spectrum while focusing on emerging technologies and support their legacy products.




Mphasis offers an array of secure, intelligent, scalable solutions inform of accelerators, platforms and tools which can be diversely used across multiple industries. These span across areas of product design, hardware design, firmware development, and validation and certification.



Our embedded engineering offerings and services provide a full spectrum solution for new product innovation, development, product smartification and product sustenance engineering


New Product Development and Innovation

Mphasis' New Product Innovation (NPI) offerings facilitate the creation of state-of-the-art secure, connected, innovative and intelligent products development platforms.

Product Smartification

We empower clients to focus on core engineering while we modernize and deliver value adds on existing products.

Product Sustenance Engineering Services

We empower organizations to focus on core R&D and engineering development while we deliver sustenance services on existing products.



We offer one roof services concept to manufacturing and product compliance. We have deep understanding of challenges and have crafted solutions specifically to cater key problem areas of connectivity, security and intelligence. We simplify new product development and product sustenance journey using our platforms and frameworks while working towards developing state of art connected, innovative and intelligent products for our customers.

Our platforms and services are delivered through standard SDK and support forward integration, with multiple cloud providers and backward integration with other active and passive embedded systems.

We empower clients to focus on core R&D and engineering while we modernize and deliver value adds on existing products.