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Driven by metrics that matter


IT Execution for the Digital Age

IT organizations need to focus on accelerating the delivery of business value. To do this, Mphasis works with clients to establish the key metrics that matter for maximizing value while driving continuous optimization of the IT Value Streams. DevOps is about creating a culture where all the participants of the value stream are aligned and work collectively to meet organizational goals. We utilize the key metrics to get this alignment including business, development, operations, security, and governance.


Mphasis' DevOps services power organizations to achieve success in their digital transformation with holistic value addition. Our DevOps Tribe brings expert know-how and engineering talent to deliver on the investments in DevOps and transformation.



Mphasis brings opinionated views on how to organize to handle work in modern enterprise. Utilizing lean and agile concepts in a comprehensive model to promote flow, ownership, and scalability in organizations.

  • Execution for all types of work
  • Efficient scaling from teams to enterprises
  • Foster clear ownership & accountability
  • Accelerate the adoption of modern practices
  • Optimizing talent deployment & development
  • Understand and improve productivity



Our ZeroQA approach seeks to improve quality by moving from a quality assurance to a quality engineering approach where quality is built in.

We enable organizations to accelerate the adoption of industry best practices - including shift-left, testing practices, automation, test data and environment management while eliminating technical debt.

  • Build quality in rather than test it in
  • Get the requirements right
  • Reduce cost of quality
  • Accelerate throughout and time to value
  • Increase productivity and reduce waste
  • Shift-Left / Shift-Right



Our Service Engineering Reliability practice places a business lens on reliability to enable rapid & proactive incident detection with accelerated business impact and root cause analyses. The data captured is used to restore systems quickly, apply automation and self-healing approaches to minimize human intervention, the negative impact of issues, and ultimately increase the mean time between failures (MTBF).

  • Proactive detection of incident and self-healing
  • Rapid reduction of incident impact
  • Improved resilience through enhanced feedback loops
  • Accelerate root cause & impact analysis
  • Reduction in the mean time to recover (MTTR) and increase mean time between failures MTBF
  • Automate & measure everything including recurring operational task and toil



Mphasis DevOps enables customers to navigate the complex transformation challenges, typically increasing 30-40% value delivered per unit of operating cost.

Our 8-pronged transformation approach seamlessly orchestrates organizations through the stages of run optimization, accelerated transformation and reimagined innovation to maximize creation and to shift resources towards those areas that create prolonged strategic advantages.

  • Delivery at Speed / Become Agile
  • Shift resources from run to change
  • Accelerate transformation
  • Increase innovation
  • Automation first




DevSecOps on AWS

Driven by the Metrics that Matter


We help customers bring their software to production more quickly, flexibly and securely by basing our engagements around four core principles -