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Creating hyper-relevant customer experiences with data analytics and technology



The unprecedented COVID19 crisis has created tremendous threat and uncertainty to business and people. At Mphasis Business Process Services, we are on a mission to bring back confidence in business operations. As organizations gear themselves to reboot and march forward, we are right by their side to bring back their confidence.

  • Hyper-personalized service to gain improved traveler engagement
  • Cost-effective innovation
  • Improved asset management

Mphasis partners with hospitality enterprises to modernize their IT infrastructure, guest reservation systems and platforms, and back-office processes. Industry expertise, technology capabilities, partnerships and collaborations come together as we enable our clients to deliver value at speed for their customers.



We work with customers across the globe providing solutions, business intelligence and production support.


  • Architecture, design and implementation of entire data warehouse solutions
  • Comprehensive data warehouse maintenance - hardware, software and storage
  • Shared resource model (SSO methodology) for reduced cost
  • Infrastructure services – server support for 530 servers with 99.9 percent uptime
  • Database management
  • Vendor interfacing
  • Lean Six Sigma process for apps development
  • Support for business-critical and decision-making analysis
  • Data interfaces to and from third party tools and applications
  • Production support
  • Hospitality architecture roadmap for implementing eCommerce
  • Booking engine platforms
  • Application and business intelligence support
  • Production support
  • Integration of core system with website and call center application
  • Loyalty services


  • Property Management Systems
  • Central Reservation Systems
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • ERP
  • Financial Audit and Reconciliation
  • Guest Satisfaction Surveys
  • Property Payroll and Shifts
  • Accounts Payable (Vendor Invoicing and Payments)
  • BI Platforms & Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HRMS
  • Finance
  • GDS
  • Sales Reporting / Campaign Management
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Security and Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Guest Enquiry and Assistance
  • Sales revenue budgets and marketing reports
  • Data-warehouse
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Central Direct Billing
  • Reservation Monitoring
  • Sales Audit
  • Rates and Reservations
  • Customer Support Engagement
  • Referral Programs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Monitor Night Audit
  • Travel Agency Commission



Below are some of the key operation focus areas where we bring in strong expertise to support our clients






A data platform on AWS, it serves operational, and analytics needs using open data standards, purpose-built databases, and extensible serverless architecture.

This platform addresses multiple challenges faced by the industry such as –

  • Multiple source of truth with challenges for tracing lineage
  • Inability to match demand and supply
  • Stalled single view of customer initiative
  • Unable to master customer data with cost and timeline concerns
  • Stalled omni channel customer engagement initiatives with cost and timeline concerns



Elastic and configurable big data and analytics platform that brings together all lodging data to support current analytics and reporting needs

Unfettered on-demand access of data for business users with ability to experiment with AI/ML

Elastic and adaptable operational data stores for reservations, tickets, and loyalty data to support digital channels

Elastic and configurable omni-channel customer engagement platform for call center that can natively integrate agent applications

Elastic and configurable omni-channel marketing and notifications platform that integrates natively with customer profiles and reservation data




Personalize and improve the customer experience by identifying known and unknown guests across all channels. Utilize customer interaction activity across all channels to present offers and campaigns that deliver high Return on Investment (ROI).

An omni-channel guest 360° data platform, Guest 360 provides unfettered access to business users and data scientists, and operationalize guest insights by making them available as business events which can be consumed by other systems.

All guest activity, including loyalty, reservations, stays, purchases, marketing interactions, web and mobile interactions, and call center interactions are processed and curated in the data lake. Insights can be derived from this data lake and used to create outbound campaigns, inbound campaigns on web and mobile, and acquisition campaigns.

Guest 360 transforms enterprise decision making by providing the most comprehensive, accurate and real-time guest metrics, cutting across enterprise data silos and channels. It builds a 360 view of the guests by integrating data from multiple sources.


Some of the use cases in retailing include:

Identifying and segmenting premium customers in B2C and B2B scenarios, increasing revenues

Finding the right products for the right costumers based on individual consumer preferences, thereby enhancing customer experience

Identifying the right set of products for the premium customers by leveraging ML algorithms, increasing customer lifetime value