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We empower clients to focus on core engineering while we modernize and deliver value adds on existing products

Smartification and digital refinement of products to enable the design of smart devices is a pivotal challenge in the embedded industry. Product smartification provides extended life to the product which will result in addressing key challenges like time to market, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. Major portion of embedded devices in existence are not smart and new usecase are forcing device manufacturers to take up the smartification journey.

Key Capabilties

  • Product enhancement (Migration & Porting) - Hardware & Software.
  • Product Compliance to New Standards - Hardware & Software.



Hardware Upgrades

Processor, peripherals, prototyping and manufacturing.

Product/Embedded system upgrades

Through consulting, gap analysis porting and optimize, help them secure and connect their product to digital ecosystem.

Security upgrades

Periodic security assessment & remediating of security vulnerabilities to minimize attack surface.


Our Product Smartification offerings delivers the following benefits:

90% Reduction in security maintenance tasks

75% Reduction in investigation time

30% Product Life-Cycle Cost

30% Faster time-to-market