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A key challenge for product executives is to continuously upgrade their products to meet the evolving market realities. In some instances, the products need to be modernized or extended to meet the rapidly evolving technology updates or customer requirements. In other instances, the usage patterns or scalability requirements change over time and it may be necessary to SaaS-enable or platform-enable the product so that allied products can build atop or connect to the core product which extends the ecosystem.


Product Transformation services enable existing technology products to be updated using next-generation technologies and processes. This results in improved speed of release and deployment, enhanced customer experience and higher return on investment. Our Product Transformation services create new user experiences using AL/ML technologies and add greater product security assurances. We deploy DevSecOps processes for plugging security early in the development phase and also harness data for better insights.


Product Transformation services are focused on achieving key business outcomes, product innovation or product extensions in a short time. Building on multi-year experiences, Mphasis provides enterprises with an array of models for product modernization and transformation, including the introduction of transformative components leveraging our Sparkle partner ecosystem.