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A world leader in developing technology for a second-generation Microscope Platform, Optical Systems, Industrial Measurements and Medical Devices.



The client was looking for new business models for surgical microscopes, microscope digitalization and license-based feature enablement, and integration with market leading storage leaders and DICOM compliance.



Mphasis helped the client in:

• Identifying key technical risks and retiring them with an early POC

• Defining the requirements for a Minimum Viable Product by working with product owners

• Iterative development with periodic feature adjustments based on user group feedback

• Implementing features for controlling camera and microscope through iPad to enable live view, recording, image acquisition, manipulation and enhancement, image and video storage & retrieval with DICOM server

• Aligning the releases with high profile public events


We helped the client with:

• Wirelessly controlled microscopes, viewing live stream and managing data in dental surgery

• Increased sales of surgical dental microscopes in newer geographies

• Feature-rich platform extendable to other application areas such as ENT and Neurosurgery

• Feature-based license model that generates additional revenue to the client