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Extending product life to improve profitability



Market evolutions drive technology organizations to introduce next-gen products to meet their strategic goals. At the same time, there is a critical need to effectively sustain previous generation products to retain customer revenues and experience. Mphasis Product Sustenance services helps extend the life of revenue generating products by –


  • Maintaining/Sustaining legacy or previous generation products
    at reduced cost, while maintaining customer SLAs
  • Maintaining customer experience and loyalty until they
    transition to next-gen solutions
  • Reducing account management coverage and spend
    while improving tail revenues




Mphasis Product Sustenance offers continued maintenance and support for your legacy products, while reducing technical debt and enhancing application performance for better customer experience. We enable our clients to unlock their experienced teams for priority tasks and evolving new go-to-market models. We undertake end-to-end ownership of products and provide our clients -




Cognitive capabilities and knowledge management help lower the cost for product sustenance, provide business continuity and improve customer loyalty

Cognitive Analytics System helps us analyze client’s systems and recommend improvements for -
• Better code coverage for critical and impacted features
• Improved quality and customer satisfaction
• Quick turnaround for product rollouts
• Timely releases at optimal cost

Our Client University model helps us understand the key pain points and process requirements. The key steps are –
• Forming knowledge management team
• Collecting existing documents  
• Preparing knowledge documents and refinement
• Building client university
• Executing training and certification



Mphasis Product Sustenance helps -

Improve profitability by 10-20% by optimizing operations to improve cost base

Improve customer NPS through delivery quality achieved by implementing Client University model, and upselling and cross-selling to existing customers

Ensure zero disruption through our proven transition process

Maintenance and transformation of legacy products

Unlock critical teams for priority product initiatives

For more details/discussion on product/application portfolio assessment, zero disruption sustenance planning, or to replicate successful transitions to optimize cost, maximize value and control, contact us