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Healthcare data holds unlimited potential to improve care delivery, compliance, clinical decisions and collaboration between entities.


Mphasis Healthcare Data Platform offers solutions to unlock insights that will help achieve key KPI’s. Our solutions apply Next-Gen Data combined with our AI/ML solutions, DeepInsights™, Data lakes, NEXT Labs, along with solution accelerators, and frameworks in a highly secured and HIPPA, FHIR, API, HL7 compliant environment.


Javelina, a modern healthcare payer platform is a future-ready core administrative platform leveraging artificial intelligence and automation techniques. It offers payers new levels of collaboration, secured data analysis and intelligent insights. This healthcare platform helps consolidate data and improve workflow, thereby enhancing decision making and patient outcomes at optimized costs.


We leverage Mphasis Stelligent (DevOps automation on Amazon Web Services (AWS)) and Mphasis Datalytyx (a DataOps specialist incorporating Talend and Snowflake to create a single integrated platform for Data and AI) to deliver modern data projects and provide end-to-end AWS DevOps, DevSecOps and additional AWS cloud services for scalability, growth, innovation, and cost-efficiency.


icon alt text Patient 360o Profile


Understand a patient's health care journey by applying predictive and cognitive analytics. Enable care providers to understand and engage with patients at the right time through the right channel to improve patient prognosis, provide preventive care and precision medicine.


icon alt text Patient Experience and Outcomes


Process and manage the end-to-end patient data spectrum of hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers. Deliver analytics on healthcare utilization (average hospital stay, readmissions, cost of care etc.), complete picture of patient health and feed structured data to providers for improving in patient experience and quality of care.



icon alt text Healthcare Financials


Measure top-line and bottom-line growth consistently by identifying and reducing inefficiencies across the healthcare ecosystem. Deliver an analytical engine that focuses on predicting claims cost, payment/collection/financial analysis, utilization analytics & regional pattern analytics and actuarial analytics.


icon alt text Population Health & Disease Management


Understand population data for effective preventive care and disease management. Deliver an analytical platform to understand large volume of patient data to provide actionable insights on population health management, risk factoring, immunization rates, wellness programs analysis, and social stratification through integrated care management, and to improve the overall cost of care and enhance emergency response healthcare system.


icon alt text Product Analytics


Engagement and retention are key to value-based healthcare. Mphasis helps healthcare providers to develop AI & ML-based algorithms for product analytics to improve their internal or external applications or products focused on engaging and retaining users and driving ROI.


icon alt text Provider Performance


Mphasis solution allows providers and other clinical practices and caregivers to integrate predictive and cognitive analytics to apply insights and get relevant operational data from Vendor Management, ERP and Payments system, etc., to optimize cost baseline and enhance supply chain and vendor management.