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Enabling your Stay-at-Home workforce to connect back into the IT systems



Maintaining critical business continuity and enabling your business during and after the adverse scenarios is essential to keep pace in emerging global economy. To tackle the changing global conditions, organizations must change their business continuity plans, which includes providing necessary infrastructure and remote connectivity to their remote workforce.

The traditional remote workstation deployment can take weeks or in some cases even months as it accounts for many critical and noncritical business functions. But in emergency situations, time is of essence. Mphasis’ virtual desktop deployment service on steroids enables the most critical aspects of your business with speed, in situation of crisis. Once our clients are up and running to take care of their core business remotely, Mphasis can further help them with its more mature and feature rich virtual cloud-based DaaS offering to enable the noncore functions of the business.



3 Roles. 3 Infra Capabilities. 3 Service Capabilities. In 3 Days.


Virtual DaaS uses new VDI-based technologies to provision a virtual desktop in a matter of seconds on a single, dual or multi-cloud environment. It is a scalable solution that can deploy hundreds of virtual desktops in just three calendar days to help your organization enable remote work environment by providing -

Three primary role-based images to cover majority of workforce personas in an organization
• Developer
• Support Engineer
• End User

Three infrastructure Capabilities
• Standardized hardened virtual desktop environment
• Access to on-premise shared folders and collaborative tools
• VPN and network connectivity including firewall rules

Three Service Capabilities
• Standard set of integrated core reference services including security (such as AD, IAM, IDS)
• Standardized auto scripts for user onboarding, service requests & maintenance (e.g. Password resets and user synchronization)
• Integrated backup and data availability options (Separation of OS/software and user data)

We also provide 3 weeks support for user onboarding and issue resolution, after which companies can use its own workforce to manage the environment or can opt for Mphasis mature & comprehensive DaaS to maintain and expand their remote operations.



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