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Long term housing rehabilitation of families affected by the 2015 Chennai floods.


The increasing incidence of natural disasters have highlighted the need for improved disaster preparedness and management strategies. Housing is one of the biggest propellers of community resilience — providing shelter and economic security while minimizing vulnerabilities in disaster-prone locations.


To ensure better preparedness for the future, Mphasis has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, India (HFH) to construct 25 houses and 50 individual sanitation units for the victims of the 2015 Chennai floods. By incorporating disaster-resistant technical specifications into residential facilities, the homes will help condense the devastation caused by floods while providing the physical infrastructure to carry out economic activities.





Build disaster-resistant housing and sanitation facilities while designing homes to minimize vulnerability to natural calamities.


25 disaster resistant homes and 50 sanitation facilities set up for families affected by the 2015 Chennai floods.

Program Partner

Habitat for Humanity


Thulasingapuram, Tamil Nadu


When the floods of 2015 struck the district of Thulasingapuram, Tamil Nadu, Maragatham lost her home and her life savings. In partnership with Mphasis, Habitat for Humanity, begane to build disaster resilient homes. Several families, including Maragatham's are better equipped to rebuild their lives post the disaster.