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Rejuvenate Mahadevpura Lake by setting up Sewage Treatment Plants.


Rapid urbanization and industrial development have taken a toll on Bengaluru’s lakes. This has harmful repercussions on the local ecosystem, pollution levels and water quality, resulting in the depleting rate of ground water recharge and increasing vulnerability of aquatic flora and fauna.


In the light of this, Mphasis has collaborated with United Way of Bengaluru to revive the Mahadevpura Lake by setting up a 300KLD Sewage Treatment Plant. Additionally, the partnership is aimed at developing a sustainable model of rejuvenation that will involve increased local participation through community activation and corporate volunteering. These efforts will improve local biodiversity, increase community ownership through volunteering and reduce the level of harmful effluents and pollutants.



Set up a 300KLD Sewage Treatment Plant in Mahadevpura Lake.


  • Improved micro climate for local biodiversity
  • Increased community ownership through volunteering

Program Partner

United Way of Bengaluru


Bengaluru, Karnataka