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Innovation Applied Client Summit 2019

  • February 06, 2019
  • Mphasis UK

Innovation Applied Client Summit 2019

Innovation Applied Client Summit Is an Mphasis conference that brings together industry leaders, tech experts, architects, software enterprises, and business users of transformative technologies.

In this age, it is increasingly evident that conversations on AI, AR, VR and Robotics are furthering as they are revolutionizing our world and accelerating digital transformation across organizations. However, there are certain industries, including BFSI, where these technologies have yet to become mainstream. To enable the banking, financial services and insurance industries edge past the curve and gain competitive advantage, we are leveraging transformative technologies and driving change.

Get a deeper insight from the Mphasis leadership how applying innovation via our next-gen technologies and services, with additional hands-on demonstrations of 4 key technologies, will impact and deliver success to B2B industries.

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