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Webinar - Actively defending healthcare organizations with cyber deception

  • April 29, 2021
  • 9:00 am MDT | 9:30 pm IST | 11:00 am EDT| 4:00 pm BST
  • Webinar

Webinar - Actively defending healthcare organizations with cyber deception

Watch the replay..!!

Mphasis has partnered with deception and active defense leader Smokescreen for a webinar where we look at how you can leverage deception-based active defenses to defend your crown jewels, create private threat intelligence, detect lateral movement, and stop ransomware.

In this webinar, Manu Puthumana, VP Cyber Defense Services, Mphasis, & Sudarshan Pisupati, Chief Technology Evangelist of Smokescreen will cover:

• The difference between passive and active defense

• Examples of how modern security teams run active defense programs using deception

• Use cases - How you can use deception to actively defend your network and detect pre-attack recon, lateral movement, privilege escalation, insider threats, APTs, zero-days, AD threats, and more.

• Deception + Your security stack - How deception helps make your existing security controls better and gets you higher ROI from your prior security investments.

• The attacker’s view of deception - A live demo of what happens when attackers stumble into a network with deception, how you can detect their movement, actively engage them, and stop breaches.





Sudarshan Pisupati - Chief Technology Evangelist, Smokescreen

Sudarshan has been a red-team specialist for 10 years, his previous stint was at Ernst & Young, USA, handling red-team assessments for select Fortune 100 companies. He has been a trainer on offensive security at Black Hat USA, 2018. At Smokescreen, he is the Chief Technology Evangelist and educates the security community on active defense, deception, and active directory security. He also runs a team of some of the industry’s best red team and incident response professionals. Sudarshan specializes in Windows domain security and has a 99% successful track-record of breaching high-security environments (ask him about the 1% where he failed)! In his free time he listens to and plays heavy metal.


Manu Puthumana - Vice President, Mphasis Cyber Defense Services

Manu has close to 20 years of Cybersecurity management experience across financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and technology organizations and leads Mphasis Cyber Defense Services. A Berkeley University Alumni, he evangelizes the need for Cybersecurity to become an enabler to business in this rapidly changing environment. He specializes in transforming Cybersecurity programs to meet the challenges today and be ready for the future by adoption of automation, AI/ML and intelligence.