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MsourcE To Expand Operations
The Financial Express - Aug 17, 2004


PUNE: MsourcE (India) Pvt Limited, the business process outsourcing (BPO) arm of MphasiS, is expanding operations geographically, but the company has taken a policy decision to limit each of its facility to 3,000 people. In three years, the company plans to raise its headcount to 25,000 and touch revenues worth $200 million, MsourcE president, Bhaskar Menon said.

The BPO operations will be scaled up from three locations to about eight in the next three to five years. Joining Pune, Bangalore and Mexico, this year will be a new facility in either Mangalore or Chennai.


Brain Drain Into India:
The MphasiS Way

First there was brain drain out of India. Then came the reverse brain drain. Now it is time for brain drain into India. MphasiS is looking at recruiting talent from overseas for its BPO operations. Two foreigners have already joined the company at senior levels. An Englishman, David Slinger, has come in as programme director. Half a dozen more imports are expected to join by end of this year. Some people from MsourcE’s Mexican operations are keen to come to India.

“This facility should be operational by the end of the year and will have 3000 personnel,” Mr Menon said. The team at the Mexico facility, which addresses the Spanish language segment, too will be doubled.

MsourcE, which completed five years of operations on August 15, has 5000 personnel on its rolls with a turnover of $41 million. The Pune operations had 2100 people and was going to add 900 more in the next six months, Mr Menon said.

“We won’t grow anymore in Pune, as we have taken a policy decision not to have more than 3,000 people in one centre. The primary driver for this was business continuity planning,” he said. According to him, the biggest threat to Indian BPOs came from issues such as data security, cyber terrorism and business continuity planning, which cannot be taken for granted.

Mr Menon said that his company was also planning to enter the domestic market to do business with select clients. “This would be in areas where we need to develop domain experience and we will be going after Indian business,” he said.

The company is planning to set up a facility in Mauritius with French language capability.