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Identifying Future Leaders

August 24, 2017

Joaquin Alvarez, Senior HR Manager, Digital Risk recently authored an informative piece titled “How to Identify Future Leaders” featured in Human Resources Executive online magazine. The article talks in length about the challenges faced by organizations to identify the internal leaders and the mechanisms used in doing so.

The difficulty in the selection process of high potential employees reflect that organizations are much more adept at measuring performance than potential. Although performance is certainly a strong indicator, it does not offer an absolute correlation to success in a high-potential program or in future leadership roles. The critical element in the selection of these individuals is a formal and targeted assessment center that focuses on business simulations that reflect the realities of a particular industry and identify the leadership behaviors that align with an organization’s objectives.

Joaquin goes on to explain it in detail by exemplifying an Assessment Center model at Digital Risk based on "client centricity" and “execution orientation." He also highlights the aspects to be considered while designing and facilitating a successful assessment center that can help the organization determine their best high-potential employees like selecting the participants from the high performers, measuring what’s actually important and making it a learning event.

Read about Joaquin’s views in depth.

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